Thursday, 7 October 2010

Glorious Goodwood- The Outfit.

So I have been a naughty girl once again and have neglected my blog. Just call me Little Miss Butterfly Brain. I indeed have a brain like a sieve, spaghetti (Heinz alphabet to be precise) and erm, well a butterfly. I blame it whole heartily on being a Gemini.  I’m forever thinking about exciting new projects and ideas, especially when it comes to knitting, sewing and other crafty wonders. Which is all very well but then I loose momentum with the current projects and well, I get into such a pickle that I loose track of it all. The pants thing about the workings of my flighty brain is that very rarely does any of my wonderful ideas make their way from the blueprints of my mind to a finished project in reality……sigh as I slump into the chair….I’m afraid this also causes a mild form of muddle brain depression, not at all helped by the sudden change in weather and the seasons. Hello autumn.
I had promised a write up on Goodwood Revival …. I’ve left it so long that I have forgotten most of what had happened (brain like a sieve: Check). How many weeks have now past since Goodwood? When was Goodwood? Can’t remember…Did I even go to Goodwood? I don’t think I dreamt it!.  Oh it must have been in September… can’t believe its October- nearly Christmas hehe ….sorry I’m wondering again.
Back to Goodwood…. Where to start?
Well I do recall having a grand time, there being lots of people, yummy cars, even yummier aircraft, fan-dabby-dozy weather and a lot of people pointing at my feet.

Of course the run up to GwR was filled with preparations and much excitement, flicking through 30’s and 40’s magazines for outfit inspiration (any excuse eh!). Well ok, I knew exactly what sort of look I was aiming for from the onset of knowing about our trip to GwR.
The ‘look’ being, smart but casual country wear that would have been worn to circuits at Brooklands in the late thirties or Goodwood if the track (car) had been there pre-war! I was quite set on my ways- there was to be no gabardine suits, high heels or fancy tilt hats for me at this event and for a change I was to be Miss Sensible.
I was dreaming of tweed suits, spectator shoes, corded windcheater jackets, slacks, and collard blouses tied neatly with a light woollen tie or left casually open over the reveres of a sports jacket, with a snappy cravat tucked in at the neck- it goes without saying that all of these would be worn with my favourite white sunnies! Unfortunately my wardrobe lacks most of these so they stayed just dreams and I wore this instead! I’ll let the pictures do the talking….

Coat: 1940’s and new to me so I just had to wear it whatever the weather- luckily for me there were bouts of chilliness!,
Hat: late 30’s (I think? Your views.....) Brown straw.
Suit: 1940’s with a military air. I know you can’t see it but it’s GREEN. Oh I simply melt when I think of this suit- I just loves it!
Socks: Knitted by yours truly!
Brogues: 40’s and one of my best charity shop finds ever!
Spitfire: Just a little something I took along…. I wish!  

Here’s another picture of my outfit showing off the back detail. I can’t help but giggle when I see ones own legs… they really are like twiglets!
The last  picture post is rather an odd one but it was taken while having a much needed sit down. It's to show you my lovely brogues and socks. I had many a person pointing and commenting on them- not sure if the pointing indicated good things.  By the looks I was getting you would of thought no one had seen a sturdy pair of shoes before. maybe it was the twiglets again....
So thats the photos of my outfit folks and now to the next post.....


  1. That coat is gorgeous!

    By the way, I have nominated you for a "One Lovely Blog Award" :)


  2. I would have starred and pointed to - and then wrestled you to the ground for those brogues!

    Hello - I am Charly by the way - from LandGirl1980:) I found your's through Gemimia over at Bake Do and Mend :)

  3. Hullo Charly,and welcome.
    I’m still getting to grips with the whole blog thing so I’m a little slow….I shall be posting more soon.
    Only wrestle with me if you’re a 4.5- 5 in shoe...just to save embarrassment!

    Tupney x


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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