Friday 11 December 2015

Wool Lace party “Pretties” from 1933.

“Dances and other gaieties are apt to entail diaphanous frocks in totally unsuitable weather! The fascinating “step-ins” opposite (‘wool next to the skin,’ though they don’t look it) are specially designed to end those agonising decisions between silk “beneaths” and a consequent cold next day and warm, but bulgy and uninspiring woollens.”
Before I start wittering on, I must apologise for the lack of clothes in the snaps you are about to see! I’m afraid you are going to see a little more of yours truly than you would have like… But hey, I could hardly show off undies fully clothed, could I?!
I tried my hardest to think back to when I started these beauties, but I just can’t remember. Yes, it has been that long… two… maybe three years ago… Oh, I don’t know! All I remember is that these cami-knicks were my first crochet project and that I started them on Boxing Day!
“…It takes astonishingly little time to crochet and join up the little circles that form this adorable garment- in fact two people working at it together, one crocheting and one stitching, could finish the whole thing in an afternoon…”

^Ha! Excuse me whilst I roll around in fits of giggles. They must have had a right laugh when they wrote the above statement.  I’m not related to Speedy Gonzales, so it took me a darned sight longer to complete than an afternoon!
The sewing up caused me nothing but angst (I think they were flung across the room a few times!), but looking at them now, I think they were totally worth going through the stressy stages for!
But I'll let you make your on mind up...
"AHHHHHHHHH- much nakedness!"

 “backless and clinging, and as frivolous as chiffon”

The original number (the one beautifully modelled in the Stitchcraft at the top) was crocheted in a shell pink and black. I didn’t have any pink in my stash at the time, so I chose this lovely duck egg blue and aubergine instead- rather dashing combo, I thought!
I’m afraid I am unable to share details about the wool I used. I have no idea as to the make or weight- it all entered my wool stash unlabelled! I’m guessing the blue is equivalent to a lace weight and a 2ply for the darker one...

I only made a couple of changes to the pattern- You know, because I know so much better!
The original gusset idea had to go (really didn’t like how it bunched around the legs), so I crocheted a strip and attached it to where the original gusset would have been, and then filled in the bit between the legs with an extra circle and some trebles. Now, instead of it bunching in an ugly way, it ‘skirts’ the hips like a short slip- much better! Not that you can see any of these changes in my pictures- just take my word!

We had a bit of bother finding ribbon to match for the straps, but luckily Ma found this eyeletty stuff (yes, that's the proper name). It still didn't really 'go', so I decided to crochet a couple of strips to weave in and out just to tie it all in.... aww, ain't it pretty?!

 Well, I don't think there's anything else to add... but I will just say that I will be wearing more clothes the next time you see me... promise!


Tupps x

Thursday 10 September 2015

The Swimsuit.


Hullo there,

I’m here (smelling salts, anyone?) and I’ve brought the knitted cossie along with me (Hurrah, crack out the sherry)!  Super exciting, no?
I stupidly joked on my last blog that I ‘may’ be back in three months to show off my next knitted… Ha! It is now nearly 5 months and I’ve only just put my fingers to the keyboard.

Well, we’ve had a wedding since the last post (not mine but my sister’s- they haven’t managed to get rid of me yet), so I have been busy doing little bits and bobs for that momentous day! Then the following four weekends were taken over by 1940s weekends- two of which were ones where I showed off some of my collection. Busy, stressful and exhausting ! It has taken me until now to get over it all, and even now I'm not feeling totally 'normal'.... but when am I ever?!
Anyway, back to the cossie. Weddings are all very exciting, but l lets face it girls and boys- a knitted swimsuit is far more interesting than any old wedding, right?!  (Joke, sister. Joke!)

^ Isn't she just perfection?
The end of last year and the beginning of this year has become one big blur. I can’t remember much of the knitting (except that the sewing up took longer than the knitting). Let’s just say that it was started back in the month of I don’t know when (???) and finished a few months later.
 I do, however, remember how excited I was to finally find a suitable swimsuit pattern that ticked all of the boxes. (I've started about four swimsuits in the past) I also remember the time between finding the dream pattern and the day my wool arrived through the post… oh! The wait! I was like a kid who was desperate to use the little girls or boys room only to find it was engaged…you know how kids tend to jig about on the spot when they are bursting to ‘go’, don’t you?!...except I wasn’t desperate for the loo- just fidgety and itching to get my hands on the wool that was travelling all the way from bonnie Scotland! (I can hear all my English teachers sobbing after reading that last passage. Ah well…)
Okay, I was super excited and couldn’t even wait one second to start knitting it! Can you blame me for being a little impatient? Just look at the pattern... JUST LOOK AT IT!
"You couldn't find a swimsuit with more snap about it than this one! And it takes all the prizes on the practical side, too.... is simple to knit, fits marvellously and has the forethought to choose a stitch that doesn't stretch out of shape. The suit is low at the back, and in front the shoulder straps slot through the amusing little striped revers to tie at the base of the neckline; it has, of course, the regulation skirt with brief, almost legless trunks beneath."

Unfortunately I don’t have a private beach to hand, so all of the pictures have been taken in the back garden… oh, and by the shed too. Can’t forget the shed…

 And a close up. Possibly a little too close?

...and the back!
 I can't stop sniggering when I see this snap. It's a good job I can't see this side when I have it on, otherwise I would be going around the beach in fits of giggles! I don't know what it is.....


^A b/w shed snap for good measure...

 Close up of the Bramble stitch pattern.

  The brief, almost legless trunks!

Stocking Stitch… My nemesis. I usually stay away from anything with stocking stitch, as I can never keep it neat (I swear it’s because I’m a lefty who can’t hold the wool/needles properly). But on this occasion I thought I’d give it a go as no one would be able to see the messy stitches under the skirt... I'm sorry, under the 'regulation' skirt! 

 And finally, the dashing revers! Probably the best feature of this swimsuit. I did make a change to the pattern and gave it a crocheted edge instead of one without.
All in all, I'm extremely pleased with the outcome. I've given it a dunk in the tub (ahhhhh, now that was a shock to the system!) and I can safely say that it doesn't stretch too much or end up around my ankles- Hurrah!  All I will say, though, is that once you are out of the drink (bath, paddling pool... ), all the water heads straight to those brief, almost legless trunks! Just imagine... soggy pure wool.... nice!
And on that note, I think I'll leave you.....
Here's to the next time,
Your Tupney xxx

Tuesday 31 March 2015

A "Light and Airy" Little Number...

Hullo folks, it’s me!  ^Pinch me, I am indeed real!
Yes I know, long time no bloggin’.
I must admit that I’m writing this out of complete shock. I was a little taken aback after reading Theodora’s latest, which isn’t at all shocking by the way (who could be shocked by a dashing chunky knit, eh?), but the realisation that you are lacking in the blog post department was! Golly, seeing a link to my blog on the side-lines with the words… “Pretty ShinyThings… 3 months ago” certainly made me wonder where the past three months had disappeared to.
 Has it really been that long? Oh, where have those bountiful blogging days gone?
These days I never seem to have anything to write about, which is rather queer as I don’t remember being anything other than boring all those years ago. What on earth has changed?

Anyway, I ‘m here now and I have another knitted to show off. ^^See.... SEE! (I was almost certain that I had already shown this one off, but I can’t find the post anywhere. So if is a duplicate, just ignore the last and humour me now- Ta muchly. xxx)
I should also say that this is by no means a newly finished knit either- it must be at least a year old now…. Ah,what can I say? You can always count on me to keep you up to date!
(beautiful Peggy. <3)
“Coolness personified is this neat little tuck-in blouse
knitted in Coats’ Mercer-Crochet. It only takes four balls,
so it isn’t an expensive affair,
and there is a lovely range of colours to choose from”

Enough time has since passed for me to forget all about the knitting and pains taken with this knit, although I can vaguely remember that there were a few testing times.  Looking back at the pattern now, I am pretty sure that the tiny needles used and the large cast on amount (134 stitches- ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FOUR!) may have had something to do with those testing moments.

 A close up of the very pretty stitch, but my was it a pain in the (er, never mind) to  do- a lot of picking up and dropping stitches involved!

Oh and there are more ‘knitteds’ to come- including a swimsuit (it is heavenly… in my eyes, that is!), a lacy jumper suit, a zipper (waiting to be sewn up), and I have also just started another cotton jumper… so watch this space. You never know, I may be back in three months with some more pictures!

Tupps xxx



Wednesday 17 December 2014

Pretty Shiny Things...


Last week was all about the bobbles, so it is only fair that this week is about the baubles… and my, what beautiful baubles they are! Well, I think they are beautiful- even the super tacky ones have charm, and will always find a home on my ever shrinking Christmas tree of tat.

Ready to marvel at my baubles?

I have no idea if these little critters are Christmas decorations or not, but they came with some vintage decs (on separate occasions), so Christmas decs they will stay!
A charity shop find from last year. Just look at them. How adorable they are...

^ A few mammy had spied...

^Another of Mammy's recent finds.


Oh so shiny...

Snazzy, eh?

Simply strange...
My much loved bauble people.
Little Miss is ignoring Mr Man this year, and Mr Man (with his cool hat) is looking a little startled- perhaps he doesn't like the way I have placed him on the tree... ouch!

This Father Christmas is all arms and legs, and looks rather simple (he takes after his owner!).
Sidney, the Saucy Sweep is on the 'Tree of Tat' and is a new addition. See how he is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the egg cosy angel.... he even has his stepladder ready!
I think he's probably a charm for a wedding, but never mind....

All is welcome on my tree!
A very delicate and precious glass birdy. 

And lastly my Christmas bell- it even tinkles!
I still have quite a bit of Christmassy stuff to turf out the cupboards- vintage fairy lights, wrapping paper, cake decorations and a few other odds and sods- so watch this space....
Tupps xxx

Wednesday 10 December 2014

Baubles and Bobbles!

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! The Christmas tree is up and decked with an abundance of baubles!
I’m also up and covered (thankfully) in woolly baubles- a little less sparkly and pretty, I grant you, but still marginally dashing in its own way… I hope?!

This is my most recent knit (we’ll forget about the Swimsuit, as it still needs a few finishing touches!), and was started and finished back in August/ September.
I’m struggling to remember back to August, so I have no idea how long it took to knit- All I know is that it didn’t take me too long!

I must admit that I was a little daunted by this pattern. Yes it is a simple pattern to knit, but oh! All that stocking stitch! Have I ever told you that I HATE knitting stocking stitch? Well, I do. I have shied away from it from the word go. I have a great fear of a mass of uneven stitches, and often had trouble in the past with keeping the plain knitting looking nice and even. Luckily I managed to keep the knitting in this jumper relatively neat. Be proud of me people!

I used a couple of balls of Stylecraft Life from the stash. I thought this pretty purple would be a rather nice addition to my wardrobe.

To the detaily (I know, not a word!) bits....

Pretty bobbles around the neck- so cute!
^ This stocking stitch is SO neat for me! 

And I just adore the lattice and bobbly bits...sigh.

The sleeve showing a bit of the twisted rib...

I bought modern buttons for the Jumper-Cardigan as it needed 11. Ugh! Eleven buttons to sew on- that was fun... NOT!

Close up of my jingly jangly bits.

And FINALLY  (sorry) three showing me baubles off...

I'll be back soon with some more Christmassy bits (vintage of course!) and perhaps even a RAF Friday!
Cheerio for now,
T xxx

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