Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A "Light and Airy" Little Number...

Hullo folks, it’s me!  ^Pinch me, I am indeed real!
Yes I know, long time no bloggin’.
I must admit that I’m writing this out of complete shock. I was a little taken aback after reading Theodora’s latest, which isn’t at all shocking by the way (who could be shocked by a dashing chunky knit, eh?), but the realisation that you are lacking in the blog post department was! Golly, seeing a link to my blog on the side-lines with the words… “Pretty ShinyThings… 3 months ago” certainly made me wonder where the past three months had disappeared to.
 Has it really been that long? Oh, where have those bountiful blogging days gone?
These days I never seem to have anything to write about, which is rather queer as I don’t remember being anything other than boring all those years ago. What on earth has changed?

Anyway, I ‘m here now and I have another knitted to show off. ^^See.... SEE! (I was almost certain that I had already shown this one off, but I can’t find the post anywhere. So if is a duplicate, just ignore the last and humour me now- Ta muchly. xxx)
I should also say that this is by no means a newly finished knit either- it must be at least a year old now…. Ah,what can I say? You can always count on me to keep you up to date!
(beautiful Peggy. <3)
“Coolness personified is this neat little tuck-in blouse
knitted in Coats’ Mercer-Crochet. It only takes four balls,
so it isn’t an expensive affair,
and there is a lovely range of colours to choose from”

Enough time has since passed for me to forget all about the knitting and pains taken with this knit, although I can vaguely remember that there were a few testing times.  Looking back at the pattern now, I am pretty sure that the tiny needles used and the large cast on amount (134 stitches- ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FOUR!) may have had something to do with those testing moments.

 A close up of the very pretty stitch, but my was it a pain in the (er, never mind) to  do- a lot of picking up and dropping stitches involved!

Oh and there are more ‘knitteds’ to come- including a swimsuit (it is heavenly… in my eyes, that is!), a lacy jumper suit, a zipper (waiting to be sewn up), and I have also just started another cotton jumper… so watch this space. You never know, I may be back in three months with some more pictures!

Tupps xxx




  1. The jumper looks lovely, beautiful stitch! Good to have you back ;)

  2. Oh so happy to see a post from you! What a lovely knitted.
    I need to switch from wool to cotton to keep up with the warming weather.
    That bathing suit is the cuteness! I cannot wait to see it finished. :D

    ~Miss Michelle ^_^
    Delightful Handwork

  3. This is beautiful and I bet it took some time and effort! I'm looking forward to seeing your next project. I'm especially interested in the plaid jacket you show at the end of your post. I would so knit that for myself - any details on the pattern?

  4. A year old or not, it is a lovely thing. Welcome back!

  5. Hooray! Welcome back Tupps! I am so glad to see a post from you again, even if the absence has been three months. It makes your posts all the more special (and by the way, you are far from boring!). This sweater is positively sweet! I can't wait to see the bathing suit too!

    the Middle Sister and Singer


  6. What a darling jumper ~ the stitch may have been a pain, but it is oh, so worth it! It looks so nice, and that navy blue velvet bow really adds the finishing touch. I think it's a fantastic job, so old or no ~ thanks for sharing. :) Oh, and thanks for pointing me to Theodora's blog, I love having new blogs to add to my Feedly! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  7. I know that feeling! Just thinking 'What HAVE I done during that time?' But we are all happy to see a post from you! The sweater is marvelous! I love tops with little bows at the top!


  8. Timelessly beautiful knit. I especially adore the wee dark blue velvet bow. What an elegant, appealing touch.

    Have a joyful Easter celebration, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica

  9. It's been long...
    Hello there. Your work is amazing, as always. A true work of art, dear.
    Adding the bow made it truly artistic, and has given it dash of glamour.


  10. Gorgeous sweater! The dark ribbon looks lovely with the light blue yarn and stitch pattern.

  11. Great to have you back and what a lovely knit to show us; I particularly like the velvet bow detail. Looking forward to reading more about your forthcoming knitty projects especially the swimsuit.

  12. I don't know how to knit and was never very interested - but I think you just changed my mind!! That sweater top is the cutest thing!

  13. Good to see a cotton knitted. Just right for the warm weather, when/if we get any! I know exactly how you feel about the amount of stitches on the needle - 134 is quite daunting! Turned out lovely though. Hope you get lots of wear out of it. (And thanks for mentioning me).

  14. Yayyyy you're back :) that swimsuit is divine!

  15. Wonderful to see you back. Beautiful knitted and such a great colour. Love what woollies you've got on the go too, especially suit. :) x

  16. Lovely knitted there, it has a bit of a Wild West air, no? Good luck with the rest of the knitteds, can't wait to see them all :)

  17. Oh dear, I never want to be a knitter so badly as I do when I am on your blog. :P Those 40s knits are so wonderful, and you wear them very well. :)

  18. Where are you? I look forward too much to your posts and you're nowhere about! I do hope you post soon!

  19. I know I'm not one to speak of taking blog breaks, (um... what has it been now, 2 years?), but I do miss your updates badly. Please let us know how you are, and if you'd care to show us more knitteds I know I'll be a happy camper :)

  20. Gosh, I wish I could knit the way you do! Maybe one day, but somehow I can barely manage a scarf. Living vicariously through you.

  21. What a lovely surprise to bump into you shopping in Totnes yesterday! I loved your outfit - the check jacket is gorgeous and you looked really elegant - vintage definitely suits you. I also enjoyed chatting to your lovely, friendly Mum. I do hope you will continuing writing your blog posts - as you're obviously sadly missed online - and I'm dying to know whether you found any further treasures in Totnes, which is a mecca for vintage and charity shops. Look forward to reading your thoughts soon.


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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