Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Pretty Shiny Things...


Last week was all about the bobbles, so it is only fair that this week is about the baubles… and my, what beautiful baubles they are! Well, I think they are beautiful- even the super tacky ones have charm, and will always find a home on my ever shrinking Christmas tree of tat.

Ready to marvel at my baubles?

I have no idea if these little critters are Christmas decorations or not, but they came with some vintage decs (on separate occasions), so Christmas decs they will stay!
A charity shop find from last year. Just look at them. How adorable they are...

^ A few mammy had spied...

^Another of Mammy's recent finds.


Oh so shiny...

Snazzy, eh?

Simply strange...
My much loved bauble people.
Little Miss is ignoring Mr Man this year, and Mr Man (with his cool hat) is looking a little startled- perhaps he doesn't like the way I have placed him on the tree... ouch!

This Father Christmas is all arms and legs, and looks rather simple (he takes after his owner!).
Sidney, the Saucy Sweep is on the 'Tree of Tat' and is a new addition. See how he is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the egg cosy angel.... he even has his stepladder ready!
I think he's probably a charm for a wedding, but never mind....

All is welcome on my tree!
A very delicate and precious glass birdy. 

And lastly my Christmas bell- it even tinkles!
I still have quite a bit of Christmassy stuff to turf out the cupboards- vintage fairy lights, wrapping paper, cake decorations and a few other odds and sods- so watch this space....
Tupps xxx


  1. I bought one of those bells that tinkle last year in Oxfam it has pride of place on my tree this year.

  2. That they really, really are! What a bright, sweet, endlessly joyful collection of yesteryear holiday decorations. The pleated crepe paper snowman in particular really made me smile. What a wintertime cutie pie! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I really love the yellow, pink and blue stars, they are so pretty x

  4. You've got a lovely collection of Christmas ornaments there. The pipe-cleaner Santa brings back memories as my parents have got him and some others; I used to have them brought for me as a Christmas treat when I was little back in the '70s.

  5. Those are lovely. I like the ones with indentation.

    I have a bugle too - it was on our family Christmas tree when I was a kid, and I have it now, but I don't always put it on the tree as I'm terrified of breaking it!

  6. I love those ornaments with the indentations (or whatever they're called). We have a few, and they're my favorite ones. Your tree is going to look absolutely gorgeous this year! :)


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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