Friday, 28 September 2012

Love Is In The Air...

These are my latest photo finds and were found last week. The lady said they were attracting a lot of attention form the men folk, but that they were too ‘wedding-y’ for the likes of them….Perhaps too pretty, pretty for the manly man?  Well, it’s their loss I say! Any roads, they are now safely tucked up in the TBT archives.

 How can you resist a wartime wedding and one with dashing chaps in the RAF at that- (see photo no.4 for said dashing chap- the one on the left with the moustache...)

Cute, eh!
At a later date, some kind soul (thank you whoever you are!) had taken the time to write some information about the pictures… my only complaint is that they didn’t tell us about the bride and the date of the wedding. It's all very well saying WWII, but the war took up quite a few years!

I’m rather liking the checked coat and the Bridesmaids dresses with their ‘hey nonny, nonny’ hats!

                                     "My Shack"                           "Thacker centre taken in India WWII"
I love how the photo on the left was obviously taken outside somewhere, but they still thought is necessary to use a backdrop, and a rather wrinkly backdrop at that.... does make me chuckle!
              Also in with the wedding photos were two photos of L.A.C. Thacker out in India (above),
and this one of his wife and what I presume is their diddy dot outside the Anderson shelter. I’m rather pleased with this photo as it’s my first original snap of an Anderson… simple things. ; )
"Taken Home Harborne"
And here is is one last wedding photo for good measure....

All in all I think this was a rather nice little find, and thank goodness for all those manly men for leaving these little treasures for me to buy instead!

Here's to the next time...
Tickety Boo Tupney


RAF Friday so far....

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

9 months in the making....

Many, Many months ago, actually I think it was back in the New Year, I started a new knitting project. Well, don’t faint, I have finally got around to taking some truly awful photos.
I must add that it didn’t actually take me 9 months to knit it, only a few, tops! The little blue blighter has been one of those projects where I knit it and it is then left in the murky depths of my knitting basket, waiting for the last of the finishing touches to deem it wearable. I lost all interest when the sleeves decided they didn’t want to go in neatly. I don’t usually have such bother, but this took me several attempts- so many in fact, I have since lost count- Blah!!!

Well it’s nearly finished (yes still only nearly!), I just have to sew in some more ends, possibly get mammy to crochet round the neck opening, and I still have to make another button link and then,... then it will be finished.  Completed. DONE!

The original
(Gosh she is one amazing mannequin!  I would like her charm bracelet and ring please....oh and her hair... well not her hair, hair, just the ability to do my hair like hers!)
Well anyhoo, here's the knitted in question (In its current state)

(one to show my curly top!)
My 'spectator' pose!
On my version I used a linen type thread, which didn't knit quite to the same tension as the 2ply wool, hence the slightly baggier sleeves. I'm pondering on whether to make some shoulder pads to put in it like the original... should I, or should I leave it as is? Not sure?
All in all I'm quite happy with the result... well, it's not bad for a knit that only cost a pound!
I think at some point I'll try it in some 2ply, hoping for a slimmer and less bulky knit...
Tupps xxx
And here's the obligatory 'self satisfied' photo!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Double Trouble

Dearest Readers,

Welcome to the latest edition of RAF Friday, and may I please introduce you to two very fine chaps.. Valeri 'Mothy' Canada and Harry 'Ginger' Hawk.

Today is all about my little mascots. You may remember Val from a bygone valentines post, then again, you may not and you can read a bit more about my Val here.

Ginger however is new, well, actually he has been residing with the TBT collections far longer than our Val, but he’s a bit camera shy- he only agreed to be photographed after finding his best side – vain creature….

So TBT readers meet Val and Ginger…


Val and Ginger meet our dear readers…

Quite the handsome pair!


So there they were, sitting, or in Harry’s case, sprawled out on a table, looking terribly unloved and tugging at and playing every heart string like they were members of the Squadronaires (Harry on Bass and Val on Piano) doing a very teary rendition of ‘All the things you are’. How on earth could I just walk on by and leave them there...all unloved, and sad, and lonely, and in Val’s case injured, and, and, and… I just couldn't.
Once our eyes have met across a cluttered stall, then that’s it- They’re coming home with me!

Call me a sentimental old fool (I know that I am), but I can’t pass a pathetic looking airman without wanting to look after him and knit him sweaters! At this point I should say ‘dolls’, but I’m sure it would probably be the same with the human kind too! ; )


The little corrugated hut was made by my daft mammy and is what Harry came in on the merry day!

Young  Harry ‘Ginger’ Hawk was a Christmas present from the Christmas before last. I had found him at a flea, casually spread out on a table with some other dolls. I couldn’t have given a monkeys about the other ones, as naturally Harry was the one I wanted. I thought he was going to be terribly expensive being a Norah Wellings little fella and all, but actually he was quite the opposite….Hurrah!
I don’t really know a lot about him. I’ve tried to do some research, but have found practically nothing.  Norah did produce several Airmen under the name Harry the Hawk, and they were sold to raise funds for the RAF comfort funds. Though these dear chaps have Jumpy-suit type flying thingies on, with helmet and goggles and a parachute too, which my little fella most certainly doesn’t have…. My Harry just has a shrivelled up tie, a cap (which is so cute) that is held on with a pin and faded blues! So I’m guessing he’s not a ‘real’ Harry the Hawk!

Actually, if he was life size I’m not sure I would want to meet him up a dark alley- quite scary from this angle (Harry, I thought you said this was your best side…), but at pocket size he looks quite the cute little imp!

Val on the other hand was adopted at last years wartime weekend in Pickering. He was left shivering on one of the outdoor stalls. It was a terribly junky stall, but unbelievably the prices didn’t match the cruddy persona of said stall. Blimey he was expensive. I dare not even say how much was forked out for ole Mothy here- I’m quite embarrassed by it! Though, totally worth it I may add : )
Like Ginger I wished that I knew more about Val...

(Luckily Gingers adoption fee equals out our Vals!)
A bad close up of Vals Cap!
At the moment Valeri wears one of my normal pairs of wings- I'm still on the look out for a RCAF pair in my price range- I've found a button though!
The latest of dear Valeri and I-  he looks a little uncomfortable with the way I’m holding him. Then again, I’m sure I would look just the same if someone had their hand on my derrière too!

Well I guess that's all.
I'm going to say now that next weeks RAF Friday is looking a little dodgy- It might go to print, or it might not. All depends on how organised I am : )
(not likely then eh!)
I'm also going to do a clothes post over the weekend as I need help again!
Happy RAF Friday All
With much love as always
and Harry
RAF Friday so far....


Thursday, 13 September 2012

R.A.F. March Past.

Tickety's Tip Top Tunes
I must apologise for my absence and for the lack of any interest on this dusty blog of mine..sorry!
I have very little to show and tell (that's a lie, just haven't the energy)..the house is full, so I can't take any photo's of my vintage finery, but to be honest I haven't felt like doing it any way, and well, I'm just a grump, which needs no explaining!  I really am in a rut that I can't seem to get out of- just too much on my mind, that's all.
One thing I always have time for is music, so lets start to get things back on track with a tip top tune, eh!
Today's tip top tune will hopefully get you all in the mood for tomorrows R.A.F Friday (try not to yawn so loudly!!!), which also need sorting out :(
Anyway to the sheet
What a cracking illustration, would have been far better if a Hurricane was shown too, but I suppose it's too late to complain now!
Nevertheless its still most treasured...
And to the tune...

I know this sort of music isn't to everyone’s taste, but I've grown up with such tunes, so naturally feel a great fondness towards them and I hope after hearing it you will too... if not.... then clear off.... hehe, not really. I'm only pulling your leg. As if I'd be so rude!

One of my favourite airforcy type tunes is the Dam Busters March...
(got to love a Wurlitzer!)
I'd quite fancy waltzing around an airfield to this ... obviously it would have to be an abandoned one, as I don't want people to think I'm mad- got to keep up appearances and all that. Mind you, I'm not sure how to dance to the more dramatic bits (don't have a clue why I'm worrying- don't have the bottle!)
I also have it on a 78 (can't remember which band), so I just need to fish it out and grab my gramophone, find an airfield and learn to dance... I s'pose I need find a willing chap too, but I can prance around on my own, so I'm not too bothered if I don't.
Any roads, on that slightly worrying note, what about this version? It's a bit dodgy at the end, but it's still cracking!
I so want someone to serenade me on the ukulele with this- how cool.... One can only dream!
Well that is all from me for now...
Must go and do something constructive.
Tupps xxx

Friday, 7 September 2012

RAF Friday- One Mans Photo's.

I only ever buy things that really appeal to me, and that is why I had to have these snaps when I saw them bundled up in a display case. There was me thinking that they would be horrendously expensive, but thankfully (praise the RAF Gods) they were not- I think I must have got mates rate... well, "it’s that girl, you know, the one that bought...."rates anyway!

There are too many to post in one go (I'm now getting a bit fed up with the sight of the scanner), so here are a few of my favourites (more can be found on my FB Page).
I can't really tell you anything about them I'm afraid. I don't have a clue who "myself" is, meaning the "J.E.B" fella, not.. I don't know who I am!!! All I do know is that he was in the RAF, stationed out in Alexandria in '46, had some mates called Nobby, Den, Shorty and Dick, and that he had nice squiffy hair. (got to love a squiffy hairdo)
Hope you like them....

"Myself"  AC J.E.B
Aircraftman J.E.B.

Myself, Nobby, Den and Shorty.
JEB - Shorty - Den       JEB - Nobby - Den

 How snazzy are Dens Shades... Very!

JEB ---?---?---

"The temperature falls to a mere 75°F!!??
 Den and myself outside our tent.
May 1946."
"Rhythm Boys".
Den, Nobby, Norman, Shorty and myself in a musical presentation.


Nobby "threatens" me after I had attempted to "throw him into the sea".
Den looks surprised at Shorty's snappy camera work.
R.Y. Club Egypt, Alex.


October 1946 7
Aboard the "Clan lamont".
Norman, Jack, I and Joe in characteristic position on the deck. Life jackets used as cushions- can just be seen. I had been writing a letter and have also my history book. We were all very content. My boots would pass inspection by the CSM, but their size is disproportioned by the camera.
Well thats all I can be bothered to do for now... I know, I know- Bad attitude. Bad Tupney!
Like I said before, there are more on the TBT Facebook Page, so why not have a gander and feast you eyes upon the lovely Den.... ahem, I mean... oh just go and look! ; )
Happy RAF Friday me Lovelies
Tickety Boo Tupney
RAF Friday so far....

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Knit and be in Fashion!

Well Folks, here’s you chance to be in fashion this Autumn/Winter and still be your vintage self!

Get out those pins and knit this very dashing pullover for yourself, your chap, or why not knit two and be matching….. snazzy!
As seen in the Ralph Lauren A/W 2012 collection, in the BBC’s wonderful drama, ‘The Best of Men’, and in the TBT collection!
 Looks rather nice teamed with a blue shirt...
(screen capture from the BBC)
Some of me bits...

Pattern Date
The instructions...
Look! There is even a complete pattern for some socks for the chaps too ; )
I would love to see your finished pullovers... if you decide to knit it that is!

Tupney xxx
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