Thursday, 11 October 2012

Show me your Colours.

And suggest a patch!

People sound the trumpets and bring out ye flags, Tupney has nearly finished her patchwork!
Yes, I have very nearly finished turning my patchwork panel into the planned cushion. All I really need to do now is to pull my finger out and do a row of proper stitching and then it's complete....- simple. Yes it is simple, but at the moment such a task seems to feel like the most arduous task ever! So with that in mind, the cushion cover has now been filled and left on my bed with only the tacking threads holding it together!

The unfinished.. i mean nearly finished patchwork cushion next to one of my messy bookshelves....
(the wonkiness of this picture makes me feel a little queasy- ahh can't look at it!)

Well anyway I digress....
Whilst taking out the remainder of my patchwork guides, a snazzy new project suddenly popped into my noggin (I was taken quite unawares as I usually think up my good ideas in the shower- it's my thinking place.. but again I digress).

"Tupney! How about doing a patchwork quilt with the services, regiments and units embroidered onto it?
Forget all about how the hand sewing and the tiny stitches nearly tipped you over the edge on your previous project..... Forget all about how your poor fingers felt like they were going to fall off at the end.... and forget about the fact you are rubbish at embroidery, or at least haven't mastered the art of embroidery yet... you can learn!
Forget it. Banish the lot from your simple mind.

Tupney, just remember how you were so proud of those teeny tiny stitches and remember how you felt on completing your first patchwork... the sense of achievement and how you were so happy, that after all the hard work it, in you eyes anyway, didn't look pants!!!

And one last thing dearest Tuppy... wouldn't you just love to snuggle up under a quilt that has been adorned with all the things that interest you so..... (Yes! Yes I would). Oh go on, take up the gauntlet and strive for patchwork victory!"
(said the little voice in me head!)

So folks that's what I'm going to do.... I'm making me a quilt with the services embroidered onto it!
Now, it's still very much in the planning and development stage and I still haven't quite decided how I'm going to muster this technicolour beauty(Haven't a clue on the design, size, shape of patches, etc! Oh and its going to take me years to make it! ). But one thing I am sure about is that I want as many of the allied regiments/ unit thingies to be represented, and this is why I'm bloging about it- I want your help!

My little poster says it all really (see very top). I want your suggestions. Is there any in particular you would like to see represented on my quilt- unusual and the usual suggestions very much welcome....

So go on, Suggest a Patch- it may end up on my quilt!

Well, I suppose I better go and fish out my 'how to' books on embroidery and start practising.
Wish me luck!

Sincerely Yours

Tupney (the mad woman)

Oh lummy what I have I gone and done....


  1. Can I just say how awesome you are! You are like my 40s gal idol!!! hhehe xox

  2. You are just the coolest craft making, vintage loving gal! I adore your quilted cushion. The bold florals on it add such a great modern, artistic touch, but the whole thing certainly has a decisively old school vibe.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh Ta! All the patches came from a ladies (who actually had passed away) collection, so they were all bits of fabric she had collected over the years, ranging from the 40's- present day. All I had to do was choose which ones I liked, arrange them and sew them all together!

  3. I have a cushion- well the makings of a cushion, languishing next to my chair. The patchwork is done but not the sides and stuffing. Hexagons are so hard to do ! I think yours has inspired me to have another look :0)

    1. Sounds just like me! Sewing all the pieces together didn't actually take that long- several days; it was finding the enthusiasm to make it into the cushion cover which is the bother- the simplest bit too!!!

  4. My word this is beautiful! And the simplest of patchworks can soemtimes be the most time consuming and fiddly so full of respect!!

    Janine x

  5. Oh, my, what a wonderful idea, I am massively keen on that! Personally I'd like to see something for the Merchant chaps on it, seeing as my Grandfather was in it and many men I knew, I also think they are overlooked.
    I have two quilt tops on the go, haven't done anything with them for ages, must get going again. A square patch and a Somerset Puff.
    I saw a marvellous quilt from WW1 on e bay ages ago, would have given my teeth for it but it was too expensive. It was made a by a recovering soldier and had all sorts of interesting things on it. Much as I'd have loved to get my mitts on it, I have to say, I also feel it was something that should really be in a museum for saftey's sake,.

    1. The MN is most definitely going to appear on it and I even think I have a transfer for the crest somewhere (though I won’t use the original and will have to copy it!)- They played such an important part and some of their stories are simply amazing! Thank you : )
      Oh and the ww1 quilt sounds wonderful… I hope I can pull this project off as I have high hopes for it, but I probably lack the skills!
      T xxx

    2. Blimey I'm daft- the merchant navy transfer is in one of my pictures, so I obviously found it.... I'm blaming the above comment on my newly acquired cold!

    3. And I meant Suffolk Puffs, my brain dribbles out of my ears when I type! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  6. No suggestions from me, just wholehearted encouragement! It sounds like a fabulous project!! Good luck xxx

  7. I've got a suggestion: how about you include us, the folks from the good ol' dominion. Yes I'm talking about the Royal Canadian Airforce.

    1. Will do! I have quite a soft spot for the RCAF after adopting 'Val' my little Canadian Airman a year back :)

  8. Wow! I love this!! It would be cool to do a US version. Cheers!!


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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