Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Purple Pullover.

Hi-de-hi, Tupney calling!

Just a flying visit to show off another fairly recent knit. (I say 'fairly recent' but it was started and finished last year!) Nothing terribly exciting this time, just a cable pullover.
The wool was one of mothers charity shop finds and is a lovely soft, springy yarn with a bit of wool in it. (it was called 'Click' but I can't remember the make!)
Finding the right pattern, once again, proved at little difficult- I knew exactly what I wanted to knit but couldn't find 'the' pattern (even in my rather large collection!). Who knew that a sleeveless pullover in a dk yarn would be so elusive. In the end, the only one I could find was for a boys slipover. Any roads, it was just the ticket and even had instructions for a sleeveless version- BINGO or rather LOTTO!
"Every schoolboy athlete must have a thick sports sweater for running and games. The one pictured here is knitted in a wide cable stitch alternated with a narrow rib, and  the neckband, the cuffs and the welts at the bottom are knitted in a firm close ribbing"
Unfortunately I don't look as cool in my pictures! I also posed by a shed in the hope that it would make the wearing of slacks acceptable...I know, how shocking! Tupps in slacks!!!

Blimey, it was frizzywig when I took these photo's back in November- I even found it hard to smile because it was so cold!
I have quite a few projects on the go at the moment and will be back shortly with more updates...
Till the next time,
Tupney x


  1. Lovely! Beautiful colour. I'm about to start on my first ever cable knitting. I want a new jumper for an event in May, so I think I'd better get cracking- should be an experience.

    I think it's Sirdar who make the 'Click' range.

  2. Great idea to use a boy's pattern if you couldn't find what you want. Did you have to resize it? I love cables, knitting some moss stitch and cable mittens at the moment.

  3. You look wonderful! And the slacks suit you, are they a home sewn creation?

  4. You look fantastic hun! Brrrr its cold here now...hopefully spring will come soon for both of us! xox

  5. What a lovely colour and so well knitted.

  6. Ohh wonderful another glorious knitted and in such a lovely colour, You look fabulous!! xx

  7. You look lovely in your woolly.

    Sirdar used to make Click; if I recall it's a wool/acrylic blend (so hardwearing and warm) and came in Chunky and DK weights.

  8. Loverly me dear - Good find of Mama Tupps and good knit of yours. Were you ordered to stand facing the shed? I seem to remember being told to face the shed and think about what I'd done when I was a naughty nipper... Good times :)

  9. LOVE it! Just perfect. I always wonder if I could wear a vest (as we call them here), but feel like I can never find the right combination of weather. I need to live over in the UK! :D

  10. Lovely outfit! ^^

    Have a nice week :) !

  11. Fantastic knit, outfit and location. I think a wooden shed makes for a terrific backdrop for a slacks and sweater vest vintage outfit. You always look so, so beautiful, awesomely put together, and stylish, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  12. Very landgirl chic ;) Yeah, I know, misnomer much? LOL It looks lovely though. Boys back then looked so dapper- if only I could get my son to dress like that (actually I probably could with the right technique... ;))


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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