Saturday, 16 November 2013

Knitting For Victory!

Knit for Victory: a 1940s-inspired knit-along

Well Hello There!
Today I will be sharing my project entries for the 'Knir For Victory!' knit along, hosted by the ever so talented, Tasha; of By Gum, By Golly fame. :)
I've not been too great at keeping up with the blogs, including my own, so I didn't find out about the knit along until a week after the start date. Actually, I found out after quickly logging in and seeing Lucy's blog post pop up in my blog feed!
As luck would have it, last week I started a new knitting project, and it just so happens to be a wartime knit too! Cue my first entry....

It's a very pretty lacy blouse is it not?!  The pattern called for Star Sylko cotton, no.5 (I think) or 2 ply wool- so I chose a really fine cotton in a pretty lilac colour from my charity shop stash. I actually started this last Sunday and I must say, I'm really pleased with the results so far. I'm hoping to have this finished for Christmas, but I'm pretty sure that the making up will be fiddly, so who knows if it will be finished by my deadline!

 My second project is this dashing little Cape. Although not a pattern form the 1940's, it comes pretty close for being in a December, 1939 issue. I'm pretty sure any lady contemplating this pattern at the time would have been wishing for a speedy Victory! Kind of sad to think that they would have to wait over five and a half more years for it to become a reality.
(I'm hoping this project won't take that long!)
Oh and luckily I had a stash of Astrakhan wool, which also looks to be enough for the project!

And lastly, here's a simple knit form the unfinished pile! I'm adding this one in because I'm sure it would have stayed unfinished for many more months to come if I didn't inflict a deadline on myself! So far, I have completed two out of the five pieces (a sleeve and a front). To be honest, I really want to finish project to see how much leftover wool I have for a future Crochet project that I have lined up.... obviously I want the the jumper too but, at this moment in time, a stripy crocheted pullover is more appealing!
As you can see my chosen projects are quick and simple. I haven't chosen anything fancy because I get so stressed around this time of the year as it is, and I certainly don't want to complicate things any further with fiddly stitches. I have pledged that this Christmas will be a stress free Christmas (Ha! Is that possible?), and I'm sure these projects will see me through the coming weeks with a smile on my face, and not the usual tense shoulders and furrowed brow!  
I'll be back with regular updates, so wish me luck!
Oh and has anyone else joined the Knit For Victory knit along?
Right, I'm off to knit and watch White Christmas... I know, I know, it's too early! :p
Tupney xxx


  1. Oh, how fun! I'm joining in but I haven't had time to start yet. I'm planning a 40s pullover and some accessories-maybe a hat and some gloves.

  2. What lovely projects!
    I am joining the knit-along too, just need to settle on a pattern ;)

  3. Great choices, look forward to seeing how they go. I am joining in too but haven't chosen quite what to make yet.

  4. I love that hooded sweater! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  5. Love the shoulders on the lace blouse! I'm looking for an easy pattern I've half a hope of finishing so I can join in the fun!

  6. Wow, these are all amazing! I'm not so ambitious as you (I'm pretty sure I just can't knit as fast!), so I'm only working on a 1940s cardigan. It's my first cardigan, so it should be a fun learning project.
    I LOVE the projects you've picked, especially the lacy sweater! I can't wait to see them!


  7. Love the lace jumper, and it is knitting up so beautifully! I look forward to seeing it finished :-) x

  8. It's never too early for White Christmas! I'm joining in, just need to update my blog & finish a few bits :) x

  9. Oooh, Tups, those are really nice patterns. The first one is so pretty for parties, and I bet the little cape will be warm in winter.

    I'm doing the knitalong too - it's giving me the impetus I need to finish my navy cardigan. I'm very good at knitting for other people but don't spend nearly enough time knitting for myself.

  10. It is never, ever too early for White Christmas in my books! You could wake me up at 3:48 AM on a random Tuesday in March and I'd be game to start the holiday season extra early that year with a viewing. It's my favourite Christmas movie, and one of my favourite movies point blank, of all-time.

    Happy knitting & movie watching, dear gal,
    ♥ Jessica

  11. Stress-free Christmas? Oh, you kidder you! :) Really love that cape. Isn't it lovely to finish off projects? What happened to that green crochet jacket you had on the go a while back? I haven't seen it since. Happy knitting :)


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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