Friday, 15 April 2011

Friday's Frock...

…Well ok it’s not a frock but a skirt and blouse instead. It’s misleading, I know- my excuse (?) well, I don’t actually have one… it is Friday though- I didn’t lie about that!
Anyhoo ‘ere’s wot I wore today’ and all that …

Dead stock late 40’s skirt- perfect colour and weight for this time of year, I thought. Light and fresh colours, yet its warm enough for a slightly cooler day, being made from a lighter weight wool fabric.
Navy Crepe Blouse, made by Ma again from a 1946 pattern.
Brooch: 30’s/40’s leather posy- which I didn’t wear in the end as it broke before I went out- boo hoo.

Smugly looking towards my 50’s sideboard-oops!

dodgy photo- but shows my poorly brooch and waves!
As for the hair- well the set is on its last legs, so I rolled it up at the back and kept the wave at the front and side- quite different for me as I like height. Really, it was me being lazy and not wanting to put in any rollers to give it a boost!

I was originally going to save this new (sort of, I have had it for a while!) /old skirt until I had knitted the perfect cardigan to go with it- I have great plans for this skirt you see. Think along the lines of a 30’s spring/summer outfit, suitable for a cruise along Lake Windermere with a Captain Hastings (hehe- he wears the best cloths EVER!) or a Leslie Howard sort of person (terribly stylish!). Of course this cruise would have to be in one of those lovely steamboats (you know, the ones that are all varnished wood and brass- nice!). I don’t want any old boat!.
Such a shame I haven’t found the right knitting pattern yet. The fact that Captain Hastings is not real, Leslie Howard being on the ‘other side’, and that I’m not likely to be going to the Lake District any time soon,..well, these are all just minor details and can be worked on- it’s the knitting pattern that’s the problem!!!
wasn't looking so chipper after a flower fell off...
Happy Weekend Happenings All
Tada Tups x


  1. I've said it on the FL already, but gonna tell you again here on your blog: beautiful as ever.
    I particularly like the blouse and the brooch.

  2. Love it! The blouse and skirt go together fabulously!!!

  3. I really like that skirt! It looks like a dress..if you hadn't said anything, I'd still be thinking it were one :)

  4. Great outfit! Love the hairstyle too, looks fab!! (totally agree about Captain Hastings by the way!)X

  5. Sooo elegant - I love your outfit posts, they remind me of illustrations from the 40s, everything streamlined and 'just so'. You lucky gal, I'm more of a St Trinian's scribble illustration myself! Ha ha!

  6. That out fit is Simply Stunning, the blouse and skirt are made for each other! Good Luck with findin the perfect Knitting Pattern!!

  7. Gorgeous! Love that blouse especially. x


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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