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Mystic Mug- Aries

Aries the Ram
March 21st to April 19th

Between March 21st and April 19th the sun is passing through Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. The symbol of Aries is represented by a ram and Mars is the ruling planet.
People born under this sign are slightly above medium height, generally with brown hair with a reddish tint, grey or brownish grey eyes. The lips are usually thin. They are energetic, independent, headstrong and rebellious. Somewhat optimistic and enthusiastic, always ready to help in an emergency, not counting the cost.
It is the Aries man who rushes off to fight a soon as war is declared- he does not stop to think what he is giving up. He will act like this whether he s twenty or forty years of age. In war he rushes into danger he knows nothing of, so perhaps he is not a real hero! He suffers much in life through this enthusiasm, but it is difficult to change his disposition!
In business life the Aries man is versatile and enterprising. He is not fitted for routine work, and if compelled by circumstances to occupy such a position, he will complain incessantly. He is happiest when in business on his own account or in organising and planning businesses for others. Nothing is too difficult or daring for him to undertake.
The mentality is good, but there is likely to be a lack of concentration. When working for others the Aries man is a willing and a quick worker, but not always to be depended upon. In selling an article he glibly exaggerates every little point, so is successful as a salesman. If you told him he was lying, he would probably be very offended. Both the men and women of this sign have a gift for exaggeration.
The men are successful in professions and trades, but prefer something where there is a speculative element, or where there is constant change. They certainly do not yearn for a safe job. They make good surgeons, engineers and soldiers
In commercial life they excel in business connected with motor cars, wireless, aviation, and travel bureau work. This sign is also fortunate in work connected with animals, as a veterinary surgeon, horse trainer of rider. The Aries man is often a gambler, but seldom a fortunate one, as he is too impatient to work systematically. In business enterprise he is fortunate. He does not wait until he has amassed capitol to start a business, but will begin with practically nothing, work the concern up and sell it.
In his love affairs he is just as impulsive, and for this reason he may marry very young. A girl born in a more calculating month, say January or July, who has made up her mind to marry an April man will find her task very easy while his enthusiasm lasts, but once this has cooled down he be more difficult.
If he is not in love with her he will have no compunction in breaking the attachment. This will be lucky for both, as impulsive and calculating cannot wed happily. Aries men do not always play the game in love affairs. They are inclined to promise so much which cannot be fulfilled, but in spite of this they are very loveable people.
The women of this sign are often very attractive. If born about sunrise their hair is red or reddish- brown, with hazel eyes, and a good skin. In business life they are very versatile, adaptable and enterprising. They are also successful on the stage. Somewhat temperamental and difficult to live with.
Aries women have many love affairs and marry early. Should marriage be prevented they are inclined to grow disconnected and irritable, as they are not the type to live lonely lives. In their homes they are artistic, often untidy and always changing furniture about. They are not good managers, preferring to spend money on luxuries rather than necessities. They have very good taste in clothes and a great regard for appearance.
In their dealings with men these women are very clever, while the friendship or attachment is new, but as soon as a man starts spoiling an Aries woman she becomes tyrannical. She will be jealous of his relatives, his men friends and his reactions, and will be very annoyed if he does not give way to her. This kind of thing will go on after marriage unless the husband is a stronger type- born under Leo or Sagittarius. The Aries man or Woman seldom shows this petty characteristic to strangers: it is reserved for intimate friends and the home circle.
The Aries child makes rapid progress while very young, and if the horoscope is not bad at birth, is usually a very happy individual, finding pleasure in any object that is near. If allowed their own way too much, these children are inclined to become domineering. At school they are naturally quick, often brilliant, and require very little teaching. They are also successful in school sports and have innumerable hobbies. They prefer playmates of the opposite sex, and in a party of children it is usually an Aries child who is leader of spokesman.
A light Diet is best for Aries People. Plenty of milk, butter, fish, fruit, vegetables of all kinds and cereals are necessary. Meat and alcoholic drinks are not required, and in some cases harmful.

Sincerely Yours
Mystic Mug.  

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  1. an Aries woman, I am actually in awe of the accuracy of the mystic mug right now!!! EEPS the mirror has been held up to this ram!


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