Friday, 10 June 2011

Happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday to…..

Many happy returns for the day Prince Philip!

Just a little something in my collection- isn’t it fabulous! I have decided he will be placed near my nautical themed cocktail cabinet/area ( I know, it sounds cracking doesn’t it!) when I have one. In the meantime he lives at the end on my bed, hanging from one of my hatboxes.

Oh, and while we are on the subject of birthdays, mine was two weeks ago and I got a super bunch of pressies, and I just had to show some of them off. I certainly had a varied selection, with emphasis on books - but then, one can never have too many books and the fact that I say that practically about everything (especially hats and shoes) doesn't matter one bit as it's quite, quite true!

books, books, lovely books....
28 oz of wool (!!!), two stitchcrafts and  many a pretty thing...
(actually you will have to imagine the stitchcrafts as they are not in the pic-oops!)
...and a Jig-saw- and every piece was there too!
I was also given a bottle of my perfume  and a wonderful card from my Sis (thank you niffer), and a truly scrumptious blouse from my mummy- but you will have to wait for that as the buttons need sewing on and it deserves a post of it's very own. All I shall say is...' Made in Austria' (excited?) well I am and I've seen it- for me it's a blouse of dreams.

In the words of Henry Hall....
' here's to the next time'

Tickety Boo Tupney. xxx


  1. Is it Tyrolean? Is it? I truly am excited! Happy Birthday xx

  2. Happy Birthday!! What a lovely lot of gifts!
    You have me so excited to see this blouse now, hehe!

  3. What a haul! A very happy belated birthday to you!! :)

  4. Happy belated birthday! :)

  5. Belated happy birthday to you love the jigsaw puzzel.

  6. Oh blimey, what wonderful gifts! I have that very same gold 'coronation souvenir book', though mine is in much less a wonderful, pristine state than yours. I rescued mine from a 10p table at a carboot! xx


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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