Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Display 28/2011

Just a quick line to set me back on course after I was quite unwillingly knocked off the said ‘course’ due to a pesky migraine and the upheaval of staging a display. Ok, so the display wasn’t as big as last year, but boy has it caused a lot of stress, exhaustion, and a mountain of muddles. Oh, and it ruined my Birthday!

I don’t think I could ever (and I mean EVER) do another display on this scale again. (Well maybe I would consider it if I were to be paid- hehe!) Even the one I did last year which took over the whole church didn’t seem as much work as this one- or was that just old Father Time working overtime again, to blur my memory of all the horrors of last year? Actually would father time be the one messing with my memory or would it be the fella who sorts out the New Year- anyway I’m not going to start arguing with myself again….Well whoever it was it worked, as I was silly enough to willingly agree (yes, I was quite enthusiastic!) to do it all over!!!

Anyroad I did it, I’ve just about survived and here are the pictures….

By the way my theme was post war.
early 50's bits n' bobs
well apart from the tea trolley and the bakelite cake stand (I know, bakelite cake stand- fancy hey!)
my mini shop window...
 ... Unfortunately I forgot to add stuff to the walls. It housed the smaller items like make-up, jewellery, men’s bits, and some of my coronation tat... well just stuff that could go walk-about.
Mid to late forties bit's- I didn't plan for it to look so drab!

some of me wedding dresses.

most of my display in full.

one of the nippers, Edmund.

A close up of some 50's bits.
Excuse the 'Please do not touch' signs but you can never be too careful! Plus I don't want any Tom, Dick or Harry touching my treasures with their sticky mitts- of course I don't mind if people ask!!! I'm not that much of a stinker.

Well I must go as I have more stuff to put away...

Tups x


  1. What an amazing collection. Did your house feel empty while it was all on display?

  2. Wow. I never knew you had such a big collection! Lucky girl! x

  3. I can't believe how many wonderful things you have; I can only imagine what a chore it must've been carting it all to and fro, though! Very lovely, thanks for sharing!!

  4. Oh my what a lot of lovely wonderful things you have I am green with envy.
    And what a big heart you have for being willing to share it with poeple... well done you.
    And thank you for sharing with us .

  5. This is really, really impressive—and the exhibition communicates the whole atmosphere of the era so well...!

  6. wowsa!! Gosh, I'd missed this post.. I guess it was in the midst of my house-move and not having the internet connected. What an awesome collection! well done!

  7. Wow that's such a large collection! How in the world do you fit that in your house!?

    ~Vixen~ x


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