Monday, 16 May 2011

Hi Ho folks,
I am still around and trying to catch up with all the lovely blogs in between ‘this girls’ rather sleepy moments- must be going through a bad patch, as the slightest amount of activity exhausts me- and it’s the first time in weeks (and weeks) that I haven’t set my hair all over….cor, something must be wrong!
I decided yesterday whilst in the shower that I would try a pin curl set, which will be the first in about five years. (you see, I get all my good ideas whilst in the shower!) Well, I started with great gusto, found my lovely stash of ye olde bobby pins, sectioned the front out and started pinning away, but unfortunately such enthusiasm waned after the sides and I gave up (‘just like that’, said in the Tommy Cooper manner)-Why? Well, I have too much hair! Not that I’m complaining or nuffin, I’m very grateful to have such a lot of the stuff, but it does make setting a real faff. Oh I do envy the gals who can set their hair so beautifully on just a few rollers. For a decent set on my noggin it takes about thirty rollers-No kidding!

This morning I quickly put up the back using my trusty metal rollers which gave enough curl to see me through the day. The front on the other hand was super- mind you I did keep the pin curls in all day and night! I brushed the sides up, then brushed the front and pinned. After unpinning the back (which was still slightly damp) I brushed and decided to keep the back smooth and plain, as the front was rather wayward and reaching for the sky (Oh, I love that film- isn’t Kenneth lovely?!) so I brushed it down and under and kept it tidy with a long hair clip given to me by my great aunt!

And here be the pictures…
Actually, I don’t know why I am bothering to show any of them, as none of them show me curly top very well! Ah well, me and Donald the wheelie donkey had fun. Is Wheelie even a word? Well anyhoo, Donald is on wheels.
Relaxing next to my beloved meat safe,
Finding a new book….
…Yes this book could change your life too!

Much jollity was shared- making Donald’s ears as high as my hair!  
back to the knitting, TTFN
Tups x


  1. Oooh Tups, you look lovely in those photos and your hair is super. You wouldn't look out of place in a classic 1940s film.

  2. We might not be able to see the very top but your hair looks fabulous. Wheelie MUST be a word, because at least in Australia we call the big bins on wheels wheelie bins ;) x

  3. Hehehe of course there are wheelie bins!-DOH!!! Ha, what can I say I’m all brain me- no not really, I’m naturally daft. Tups x

  4. Hair looks fabulous! And I'm loving that blouse

  5. Your hair is lovely!! I never can get over how perfect you look, you have a look about you like you really did just step out of the '40s... its absolutely marvelous! Donald is quite adorable as well.

  6. gorgeous! and look at all those fascinating curios behind you. What a treasure trove!

  7. ~ * ♥ * ~

    Gorgeous pictures Tups, I am in love with your sweet casual yet stylish outfit; perfect for sitting around knitting in! ^ u ^

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  8. Oh gosh, you look perfect!
    -Andi x

  9. I know what you are saying, I felt completely demotivated and so very tired lately, not so much so as no to do my hair at all, but didn't take any pics of it at all or did any blogging in the last month or so...Everything is a big blah at the moment...and I don't know what to do to step out of it.

  10. What a lovely outfit....we may not be able to see your up close, but it looks good from 'ere! xx


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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