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Mystic Mugs Horoscopes- Taurus

Taurus the Bull
April 20th to May 20th

The sun passes through Taurus (the Bull)- the second sign of the Zodiac- between April 20th and May 20th. The riling planet of Taurus is Venus. These people are rather heavy in build, with short necks, and of middle height or under. They have pleasant singing or speaking voices. The women are often very good looking but with a coarse type of beauty. These people are very different to those of the preceding sign, Aries.
Taurus people are slow, conservative, stubborn and obstinate. It is a fortunate sign for money and business. The Taurus man will work very hard to get money and will be very careful how he spends it, without actually being mean.
He can be just as calculating as the Aries man is impulsive. He is a hard driving businessman, thinking of most things in terms of cash. He may be affectionate and kind in his home circle, but he will have very little time for sentiment in business. As an employer he makes a just but hard master, and so is often respected, but not liked.
The bad types of Taurus men are difficult to get on with, hard as granite, unforgiving, sullen, bad-tempered…. (Anything else?!) Both men and women of Taurus love good living, heavy meals and luxurious surroundings. There is nothing ethereal about these Taurus people. Their homes are usually very comfortable; they love easy chairs and cushions. One can often spot a Taurus man by the way he selects the most comfortable  chair in a room, there is a streak of selfishness in these people, but at the same time they are warm-hearted, generous and hospitable.
Taurus rules the throat, and may be for this reason, when a Taurus person is in a bad temper he or she will mot speak for hours, even days or weeks. A Taurus child who has this characteristic should be taken firmly in hand when very young.
These people are good patrons of the theatre. They love music, art and singing. Many famous singers come under the sign Taurus. The men born under this sign are fitted for routine work, banking and accountancy, but they do better in business, buying and selling anything from a handkerchief to a house. Their commercial life begins in the schoolroom, where they sell their discarded books for money or wanted articles.
            A Taurus man is always ready to sell something to a friend at a profit. When working for an employer he is painstaking and conscientious, but his shrewd mind will not allow him to remain in a subordinate position for long to accumulate money for others. So, although Taurus men are not enterprising, they are usually owners of businesses.
In love affairs a man who falls under this sign is cautious and honourable. He does not often fall for a pretty face solely, although he appreciates beauty. Neither does he like a clever woman. Being born under this substantial, cautious sign, hen wants his money’s worth in marriage, so that first of all, the women he marries must be domesticated.
He is not changeable in love affairs. He may take many girls about, but he has not fallen in love with them, and he rarely talks of love and marriage until he definitely made up his mind about the girl. When engaged, and as a husband, he is very jealous, often domineering, but attentive and generous. He can always be depended upon to give a woman a good time, and this he will do for the woman of his choice, both before and after marriage. He loves social life, and is always at his best when in the company of women.
The women of this sign are very practical, but are better fitted for home life than business life. When a Taurus woman marries she promptly gives up business, as she realises that the home is the right and best place for her. It is possible that when a little Taurus girl thinks of marriage she visualises the house and home and the man may be missing from this picture.
This does not mean that Taurus women are mercenary; they are not really, but they do want and expect security and solidity in marriage. In business Taurus girls are not enterprising; they usually drift into some kind of routine work. Success is most likely in secretarial work, millinery, dressmaking, or as a florist.
Taurus women are very good housekeepers and are always proud of their homes. They are also good cooks and spend money very wisely. The Taurus woman, like the man, makes a jealous, domineering partner, but at the same time she is a very good wife. She will love to entertain her husband’s friends, and will do everything in her power to further his business interests.
She has a great love of children, but the family is usually a small one. She is a good and wise mother while the children are young, but rather a tyrant towards them when they are grown up. It is one of the bad traits of a Taurus woman that no girl is enough for her son and no man is good enough for her daughter.
Even when marriage is not a success the Taurus person does not readily seek divorce, but the Taurean’s partner may do so. Children of this sign are seldom brilliant, but docile, slow, and plodding. They are often dimpled and pretty when young, but grow plainer with age. They are easy to train. Possibly as they are slow in play and work they have less time to get into mischief. The latter part of school like is usually successful.

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  1. Love this Mug, I am a Turus woman (yesterday was my birthday) and I will now be on the look out dor one of these mugs.
    The discription was I am afair me to a tee.

  2. Ha ha ha, I was indeed cute as a child, but what are you implying about me nowadays?! xx


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