Thursday, 17 November 2011

And the rarely spotted curly top!

Well here’s a snap to mark the momentous (simply earth shattering!!!) occasion of yours truly actually setting her hair for the first time in about three weeks, (this is quite unlike me I must say!) and for my Sister dearest who wasn’t very pleased with me when she came home to find a scruff!  See sissy dear, I’m back to normal and have my curly top back!
The rarely spotted curly top seen here in her natural habitat...
said in the voice of David Attenborough... naturally!

iffy photo but.... behold the wave!
Oh, and the little airman is my Val  :)

Tupps  xxxxxx


  1. Looks lovely, and so does the blouse!! X

  2. Lovely curls - i wish you would treat us to a nice tutorial!

  3. Is that all your stuff in the background? *drools*

  4. Yes! Perfect hair! How do you set it? Do you have a particular pattern that you follow?

  5. Commenting on your looks makes no sense, as it'll always be the same: You look perfect - again!

  6. Gorgeous! I love your tight sets.

    I haven't set my hair much in weeks either, I've been tucking it up under a beret and using autumn chilly weather as my excuse! ;)

  7. oh, looks so cute!! I know what you mean, I styled my hair for the first time in weeks last night! your blouse is fantastic :) x

  8. How can i possibly have an interview with you, dear? i'm from Brazil and also take care about a vintage blog - by the way: i'm mad about you're style! please, answear me back with your e-mail adress for me to send you the questionary for the interview!

    my blog here:

    thank you very much, Charlotte

  9. Gorgeous! Love that hair setting AND that blouse! Perfect combination!

  10. Looking fabulous as always!! I must say I'm on a proper slump hair wise too. I'm hunting about for a good hair dresser who can give me a perm to help me along! X

  11. Am loving your blouse!!

    Thank you for your comment on my Tommy post, how odd it would have been had you had a photo of him! x

  12. Stumbled across your blog today and I must say this is the best vintage blog I have ever read! True admiration for you! It makes me ever so jolly to know you're a Brit too! I expect you are a spectacular girl! Keep it up and I'll keep following!

    ~Vixen~ x


Ta very much for your messages folks!

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