Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hullo from sunny Tupneyville!

Long time no speak….. Crikey, it seems like I've been away for ages (Slap on the wrist for me, me thinks!)
 Well to be truthful, I’ve been a bit under the weather with the usual culprit of no get up and go L. I’m slowly getting there, so bear with me while I get back into the blogging swing again.

I have a mountain of ‘Coronation Crackers’ to post (Hehe, don’t groan!), so I shall probably lump them all together, otherwise the posts will be never-ending, and to be honest, there’s only so many Corrie Crackers one can take in a whole week!

 I’ve also got a book review lined up to post- I say lined up like it’s already to post! I lie; I have yet to write it, but this shan’t be the case for long, mark my words! (Actually please don’t!)  Anyway, I shall endeavour to get it written and posted by the end of the week…..

 Puchases? Well me hearties, yes indeedy! I have a few more pieces, both big and small added to my ever growing collection, and I’ll no doubt be doing a few ‘show and tell’ posts very soon with those. One of my acquisitions has even put and end to a seven year hankering- I shall say no more!!!

 And on the sewing front, mummy has finished a suit for her little doll called Tupney! I have started a linen dress, with just the sleeves, placket and buttonholes…. Oh and topstitching and hems to complete, so there’s no doubt about it that I’ll have a few outfit posts in the pipe line too!

My, I feel tired just thinking about it all!

I’ll love you all and leave you with a recent photo, taken just this afternoon.

Yes I know…. March + Sunsuit!!!

All I can say is that I’m determined not to be pasty by the time summer is here ;-)


Your Tupney x


  1. Hullo to all in Tupneyville! Sunsuits in March indeed, just hoping it'll continue until September (with a bit of rain for those what need it!) - Hope you're feeling perkier soon xx

  2. I've said this before, but your photos fascinate me, if I didn't know any better I'd swear they were from the past.
    And I want to borrow your sewing mum!

  3. CUTE sunsuit and love your sandals!

  4. Oo what a glamour puss! Good to see you're making the most of this fabulous weather! Jx

  5. Glorious as always my love.

    And I am looking forward to the Coronation Crackers!

  6. Good to have you back. Love the sunsuit! :)

  7. That sunsuit is adorable!! You look so glamorous! And I do envy your balmy weather-- we still have snow here, so no sunbathing for months to come!

  8. Ahhh so lovely to have you back; I adore the sunsuit xxx


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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