Friday, 13 July 2012

Mayday! Mayday! She has bought more wings...

Another acquisition from our mini one day holiday- isn’t it a cracker (this is where you nod in agreement!).
At first I thought it was a pair of wings displayed with a separate Perspex pendant beneath, which, truth be told I was less enamoured by the prospect of, as I already have examples of both (ooo, get her!). So, when the stallholder pulled them out together, imagine how I revelled at the thought of owning a pair of wings with the Perspex also attached- two for the price of one! Well, there was certainly none of the usual 'erm, should I, shouldn’t I?' this time!

The scarf  in the R.A.F colours was also a purchase from the same day, but from a different shop. What can I say, twas obviously my day for picking up Raffy bits! I do wonder about the RAF chap who owned this scarf originally though?

Rather good for a turban, isn't it!

By the way, my title hints at the fact I have more wings- well yes, I deedy do, but that calls for another post. OK, they don't really need another post, but I just haven't got round to snapping them yet! (Oh I can't wait to show you the bits Pops found me!)

Also before I forget, every Friday from now and for evermore (or at least until I have run out of things to show!) will be known as "RAF Friday" here on TBT. I’d just thought I would tell you, so you can make the appropriate arrangements to be out or give you the chance to run to the woods! Don’t think for one mini second that it’s going to be informative (certainly not!), it’s just another chance for me to document more of my precious tat. Well, it’s always best to have a set task rather than to go around my room photographing everything willy-nilly, isn’t it!!!

Much love as always
Your Tupney


  1. hi, I confess, I nodded and the Turban looks fantastic
    ciao ciao from Switzerland, Christa

  2. Ooh, I love that brooch! If you ever get bored of it and want to give it away... :)

  3. I love that brooch, nice find. Your dress is beautiful, the ric rac on the collar so pretty :o)

  4. No coaxing needed, I'm definitely nodding in agreement. This brooch is absolutely beautiful and chocked full of history. Love the outfit that you partnered it with, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. It is indeed a cracker!!! :) x

  6. Lovely brooch! And lovely blouse too! Jx

  7. Good find, it's always interesting to speculate about these things, isn't it? Wondering what happened to them, did they make it etc etc. I'd love to know who the young...very young....officer is on my WW1 brooch, but I'll never know.

  8. That brooch is so interesting and such lovely condition! I do love to be nosy and look at other people's fab vintage collections. Please do photo more of your stuff and blog it. :)


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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