Monday, 9 July 2012

The 'Raspberry' Leaf Cardigan

The wartime pattern....

I’ve finally got round to taking some snaps of my latest and TOTALLY finished woolly wonder (Only about 8 unfinished projects left!). This is probably the woolly that I have most enjoyed knitting this year… well, so far anyway. I’m not sure why, but for some odd reason I felt at peace with it- Strange eh! Ok, I grant you, there were times when I had my moments (don’t we all), but on the whole I can safely say that it went without a hitch.

I was quite sure on the pattern I use and was equally steadfast about the wool I wanted to use too, so maybe that helped in the fact that I wasn’t constantly doubting myself and my choice of pattern (unfortunately I’m in the habit of doing this). So all in all it was a happy knit and I’m now one happy big knit!

So how did my cardigan turn out?

Well here it is- looking terrible against the backdrop as I couldn't find my less in your face curtains! (eek- pink and orange)
It also doesn't look as neat on me like it is on the mannequin, but that could just be me of course, also it could be the fact that we mere mortals are never, ever going to look anything like those glorious beauties (naturally I'm speaking for myself here as I know such people do still exist)!!!

Knitted from the exceedingly lovely wartime pattern  shown at the top of the page^
 I also used up this Raspberry coloured wool from my ever expanding stash.

here's the smug shot!

Here’s the demure one …

and the close up with my sweet peas (oh they smell so perdy!)

... the buttons...

and the back!
and the last!

That's it for now folks. I have another jumper to show, but I need to do a bit of diddling before that one hits this blog!
Back to the sewing machine, I guess.

Sincerely Yours

Tupney xxx


  1. That is absolutely beautiful! You've done a stunning job. The Lavenda patterns were so pretty and I love the colour of the wool - well done :o)

  2. Luverly job Tups, your knits are always a pleasure to see. Regarding your magic 8 (!), have you thought of challenging yourself to finish them before starting something new? I'm trying that myself with my 9, or was it 10? Keep those sticks clicking! xx

    1. Surely that would be considered torture for us knitters? I did actually start the year like that, but my wicked ways soon crept back! I know for certain I couldn’t do it as the unfinished pile has now gone too far, but i'll do my best :(
      T xx

    2. I'm a one-at-a-time knitter, but I don't know any others!

  3. Looks great, very much the same shape as the 'raspberry' one I knit from the first "stitch in Time' by Jane Waller.
    ps...knit late 70s still going strong.

  4. OOPs...the one I knit was 'blackberry'......senior moment

  5. Lovely, well done, and I adore sweet peas.

  6. I just ADORE this! What a fabulous cardigan, and the color is lovely on you!

  7. Gorgeous! Great colour and love that stitch pattern.

  8. Beautiful! It looks really good (and I am sure you are getting lots of wear from it already;)) I only wish my screen would let me see the photos better (it doesn't display red right...)

  9. It turned out thoroughly awesome! I love the vibrant, punchy hue that you opted for, as well as the somewhat delicate pattern at work here. So, so wonderfully pretty!

    ♥ Jessica

  10. ooh I love it! Great colour :) x

  11. What a great knit! It looks really lovely on you. I've been trying to find a cardigan pattern to knit and so far haven't found one I like :/ Got 500g of pure wool 4ply and can't find a pattern!

    The one in the original photo looks like it's been pressed/blocked so the stitch pattern lies a bit flatter.

  12. You look fabulous! I've only just found you (can't remember how I got here!) but I am love, love, loving your blog :-)


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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