Thursday, 14 March 2013

Projects on the go...

Here's a little peek at some of the projects I'm working on at the moment...
1. 1930's crocheted Cami- knickers (just half of the front to sew up!)
2. 1940's Slip (need to trim the bodice and add straps)
3.1940's Slip and Knickers set (need to hem and add straps to the slip)
4. Wartime short-sleeved jacket in crochet (Only started this yesterday, so I have lots to do on this!)
Cannot wait until they are all finished- I'm rather pleased with the results so far (even if I do say so myself!)....
So, watch this space folks for the finished results!
Tupney xxx


  1. What a fabulous collection of makes you have on the go - I look forward to seeing them finished!

  2. Exciting projects. Always nice to have a few to choose from, especially when one isn't going so well!

  3. I look forward to seeing them - the things you make are always so inspiring.

  4. What a splendid quartet of projects. That slip is truly as timeless and pretty as such a garment can be. Can't wait to hear/see more about these wonderful creations.

    Have a fantastic Friday, dear gal!

  5. Ooooh, lots of lovely things! You have been really tempting me to sew up some underthings!

  6. Ooh, looking forward to the finished photos. As you're zipping along, fancy taking on my latest project (from woolly hell)?

  7. Wow, these are all gorgeous projects! I envy your knitting and crochet skills! The items you make are so beautiful! (I was just ooing and aaaaing over some of your sweaters the other day!)


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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