Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Red Lace and Dots.

Well, in my absence from the blogsphere  (have you missed me.. actually don’t answer that) I have been getting on with a few finishing off projects. It’s very unlike me to finish anything off properly, so to finally pull my socks up and have something to show you is absolutely marvellous! I shall put my new found enthusiasm to get things finished down to the changing seasons!

Now, I can’t quite remember when I started these early 50’scami-knickers, but lets just say it was last summer!. Rather a long time to make a simple pair of undies isn’t it! The annoying thing is that they actually didn’t take me too long to make and as usual it was the finishing off bits (straps, poppers, tying in ends….) that put me right off them! I think it took me a couple of months to muster the correct amount of enthusiasm and patience to sew on 3 whole press studs (I hate them!), and only last week did I sew on the straps after I had found the knickers hanging on the back of my bedroom door!
 So without further ado let me show you all me new cami-knicks!

The front- posing in my junky technicolor bedroom!
I'm showing them in b/w so not to harm your eyes ;)
Originally I was just going to take photo's of the undies on Miss Busty here, but every full length photo I took looked awful on her ( I didn't think that would be possible, but nethertheless it's true- the undies just didn't hang correctly on her!), so I gave in and modelled them instead (Oh the shame)... I don't know, the things I do to keep this blog ticking over! :(
It’s very rare for me to start any sewing related project without Mammys input, but with this project I had it all pinned and cut out before mum had returned home from work-I’m pretty sure I had even started to sew it together as well!
The pattern went together relatively smoothly- I had a little bother with the lace and the bodice though, which is where I consulted the oracle. Firstly, I had started the project without actually having any suitable lace and then I needed help with putting on the lace!

The back- and me being nosey and sticking my behind out- what class!

All in all I’m very happy with the outcome...mind you, I’m not sure if I would make the pattern again without ringing some changes first. Personally I think the back of the bodice to be overly fussy-
 It took 6 pieces to make the bodice (Yes, SIX pieces) and was a bit of a faff to piece together. I like the front, just not keen on the back! I think you could get away with a narrow band edged with lace at the back instead....?

 detail of the fussy back!
 Well, I suppose that's it for now.... must get on and mend a celanese type slip and sew togther my crocheted cami-knickers.... perhaps finish my slip and knickers set too (yes, it's all about underwear at the moment!).
Your Tupney xxx



  1. I quite like the back of it although I'd probably be too lazy to make it what with it having all those pieces!

  2. oh what a nice piece of underwear!
    you did a good work on this. what kind of fabric did you use?

  3. I think this is lovely, I like all the lace. Will be interested to see your other projects when you complete them. It is always the finishing off that gets me too. I finished knitting my 1950s jacket last week and still haven't sewn it all together!

  4. You've done a great job there. I agree with you on the back.
    Hen x

  5. Wonderful job Tups! Love your drawing too! Don't worry about how long it took to make, I have still got sewing I stared years ago and have yet to summon up the enthusiasm to day ill get around to it! xx

  6. This is adorable, I love it! I can see what you mean about the back, and so fussy for something you won't ever see, right (the back I mean). ;) But it does look darling!

  7. Too cute for words! What charmingly pretty underpinnings. I adore the fabric and vivid red lace you used - stellar combination.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Love it! I adore old underwear styles, unfortunately the bust sizes are always too small for me. I agree with you about snap fasteners, I invariably end up sewing one part of the horrible things the wrong way round and having to start again.

  9. Those look very cute. You've done a really lovely job there. (And it's very brave of you to pose in them!)

  10. ADORABLE!!! Love the fabric and the style (the back is stunning!).

  11. Ooooohhhh! They are SO cute! The fabric and color is just perfect! I need to make myself some... someday...

    The Middle Sister and Singer

  12. Blimey, I feel late commenting on this - I'm still catching up! Lovely job Tupps, I do like the fabric. That back would confuzzle my mind whilst getting changed in the morning :) Can't wait to see the crochet cami-crackers - Now I'm off to read your latest posts :)

  13. These are fabulous! The fabric and trim and everything is just perfect!!!


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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