Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A Belated Birthday Blog!

Hello lovelies, remember me?
Tis been another lengthy absence from me... what is it this time- two weeks? Well, last week I had an excuse because I was away on a jolly jaunt to Cornwall, and the week before that (I think), I was just being lazy and uninteresting!
Anyway, all in all last week has been a busy one for me, and on the Bank Holiday Monday saw yours truly turning to the grand old age of four and twenty!
(thank you so much for all the lovely well wishes on facebook ♥)
I didn't get up to much, apart from a visit to the flea to see what treasures Ma and I could find. To be honest, I didn't really feel like doing anything because I was so tired... but one must show willing when there's a flea on eh!!!
Care to see some of my lovely birthday cards and pressies?
A gorgeous deco deer brooch and card (just look at his face, aww!) from ma and pa....

Absolutely wonderful knitting books from the 30's, 40's and 50's... 
(the vintage fabric beneath came from the flea.)
 There are sooo many lovely patterns in these... not sure what to knit first!
Super card and mug from my sis...

Vintage felt needle case and a cutie Fox terrier card...
And the treasures I picked up at the Flea fair...

More old snaps (in the middle of uploading them to facebook) and a needlewoman annual. This fab fluffy 40's hat was very kindly saved for me... more pictures to follow, as this photo really doesn't do it justice! Again, the vintage fabric behind was another purchase from the day.

And lastly; some more of my cards, fabric and novelties found at the flea.
Amazingly this wasn't all I came home with, but I'm planning to do posts about those shortly, so you will have to wait ( probably months) to see the other bits!
Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend too- did you get up to anything interesting?
I'll be back soon with pictures and 'finds' from my holiday...
But for now, from the birthday girl +2, that's it!
Tupps xxxx


  1. Happy belated birthday! My birthday was also on Monday :)

  2. congratulations to your birthday, tupps!

    nice flea market finds and presents - i love the felt needle case. so cute :-)

  3. What lovely presents! I especially love the walrus card from your sister. My sister always makes birthday cards for me and they're so funny, I keep them on the fridge for years!! Happy to hear that you had a fab b-day! x

  4. Happy Birthday m'dear. Great finds. The needle case is quite a coincidence for me, just made one like that from a design in an old magazine I have and I adpated it to make a brooch too.

  5. Oh My, that is some vintage haul!

    Happy birthday lovely!

  6. Happy Birthday! Loving the dog card...

  7. Fabulous knitting pattern magazines. Will you be showing us what is inside? Hope you had a lovely birthday.

  8. Happiest belated birthday wishes, my dear friend! I truly hope that year ahead is every bit as wonderful for you as the vintage treasured you received and purchased at the flea market all are!

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* That hat is swoon-worthily sublime!

  9. Happy Birthday! Lovely finds and pressies, lucky girl. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your finds. Any cake left over?

  10. Happy birthday, Tups! Those knitting books look awfully good, I look forward to seeing what you knit from them.

  11. Happy Birthday !!! Such wonderful presents and finds.
    You are one Lucky lady ; )
    Have a great weekend.

  12. Tickety Boo, We see you!!!! My daughters and I were just watching "Time Warp Wives" on youtube here in little ol' Idaho,USA. All of a sudden I saw you and declared "That's Tickety Boo!" I had no idea you were on there. I enjoy your blog, and what fun seeing you so the way you looked very dashing.
    Amy F.


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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