Friday, 3 May 2013

Duster in Disguise

Yet again I’ve gone AWOL from my bloggin' duties. It really is not on and I shall give myself a firm slap on the wrist (and maybe one on the behind too, though I may need assistance for the latter) to try and correct my wayward ways!

Anyway, to bridge the gap, two whole weeks worth, I thought I would bring forth another of mammy's makes....and what a make it is! I’m so excited by it (giddy as a kipper in fact) that I couldn’t wait any longer to show it off. I know, I know, it should be another R.A.F. Friday, but as I haven’t done a post since the last one, I thought I better do something more varied…. After all, I don’t want my blog to be all R.A.F. Fridays and no knickers….In other words, I don’t want it to be All “R.A.F. F” and nothing else!

So, what did dearest mammy make here littlest? Why, a swimsuit out of dusters of course!
She really does spoil me, you know. It’s is utterly fantabulous and very, very yellow! I’m such a lucky girl.

 Enough chatter from me, me thinks.- here’s my duster cossie…..
(Sorry it's so picture heavy, and for the fact you have to see my pasty skin and skinny self!)

The idea came from a British magazine dated 1944 and great for the girls with few coupons left!
" A brilliant idea, sun-suit from bright yellow dusters!
Will go in the water too."

 A pic of the original- glad to see it's baggy on the glamorous mannequin too!
"Four yellow dusters of the best quality; one pair of coloured silk shoe laces; one card of yellow bias binding; one reel elastic thread; four yards cord elastic; one reel matching silk. (total cost about 7s. 6d.)"
The front…. Rather voluminous aren’t they. Not sure how it will fare in water!!! Luckily, we know that these are colourfast dusters (phew!)- only the best and all that....

 A closer look....

Detailing of the shirring ....
Pictures taken with a shapely and less troublesome mannequin!

The shirring continues around the back, where it laces up with a shoe lace... classy! (not a silk shoelace like the magazine suggests though)
The adjustable straps are crossed over and fastened with buttons on the inside.
(I look like a giant in the next snap- I'm only 5'6 and a bit... honest!)

All in all, this suit is the perfect cossie to wear when dusting, to do a duster dance in (as you do), and....

Hoover in! (Actually it's a Goblin Wizard!)
Funny pics, eh! Well, such snaps are a speciality. ;-)
And again, sorry it was sooooooo long.
So what do you think? Would you wear it?
I actually put it in a wartime fashion display a couple of weeks back (pictures to come) and quite a few people said they liked it- some of the older gals thought it was glamorous! (< those gals have great taste)
  Seeing as we are no longer rationed, and don't need to use un-rationed goods to make bathing suits, I'm hoping Ma will make me another one in a pretty print. Hmm, shall I use my precious leopard print fabric???
Well, I think it's time to do a bit of spring cleaning. Better slip into something more practical, and start shimmying around anything that looks dusty....
And on that note...
Tupps xxx



  1. Ooh I absolutely love it! I'm assuming a duster is more-or-less what it sounds like... a big cloth to dust with? I don't think we use the term quite in the same way, over here it would be more like a stick with something on the end that dusts (like feathers). lol

    Anyway, I think it's marvelous! And I bet you could easily wear a cover-up or a summery skirt if you wanted to show off just the top portion, to make it even more versatile. Lucky girl for her to make you something so lovely!

    1. Haha, yes, it's just a cloth. I never thought, I just assumed 'dusters' were universal ;) A feather duster would make for quite a different suit indeed!

      T x

  2. This is the cutest thing I've seen in ages!!!

  3. That is hilarious and adorable at the same time - and the color is perfect! :D

    ~ Ginger

  4. Could you look (and be) any cuter? I really rather think not! What a marvelous, cheerful, timelessly awesome swimsuit.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Fantastic! I remember watching one of those make do and mend reels on making a swimsuit out of 5 flannels that was very similar to this.

  6. I LOVE IT!!! It is so cute! I do hope you will make it up in another print, though the bright yellow looks amazingly well on you!

    The Middle Sister and Singer

  7. That is so cute!!! I want to make one now :) Such a perfect summer color, too!

  8. How adorable! You look gorgeous and that yellow is simply fabulous.


  9. What an inventive idea, I wouldn't have thought it would work but it looks absolutely fantastic. Good photos of all the details.

  10. Oh swoon! You are a lucky gal! I love it and look fantastic on your type of figure. And yes you are tall but not that tall heheh I am only 5"3! I swear I look taller in person hehehe I love it though and hope you get many chances to wear it out this summer! xox

  11. I think it looks fantastic! You should definitely wear it!

  12. I think it's brilliant and your mum has done a fantastic job :-)

  13. It is absolutly gorgeous and fit you perfectly!!!!
    I love this bright color on you!

  14. Its adorable and your lovely so stop apologizing! Well done.

  15. That is so interesting! You look great. How inventive they were. I'm glad you mentioned they were colourfast, the usual yellow ones run dye like nothing on earth!

  16. Perfectly adorable! And I love the drawings too!

  17. beautiful! great! want!
    ...and your drawings are sooo cool!
    the wait was worth it :-)

  18. Glad those dusters are colourfast, that was the first thing that sprung to mind! Looks such a cute colour - I definitely think you should make one from pattern fabric though. :)

  19. I LOVE it! What a lovely present....the colour is so perfect for spring! I also really love the inspiration photo!

  20. Another fantastic project from your mam! You look great in that shade of yellow.

  21. This. Is. Ahhhhhhhhhhh-MAZING!!

  22. Would I wear this? YES! If Mammy Tupney isn't busy this afternoon... :D Funny you should mention leopard fabric, I was sorting through "The Stash" yesterday and found my precious leopard fabric (it is the best, isn't it?), I'd already planned the project but discovered I didn't have enough... :( boo hiss. Anyway, I'd best stop waffling, I'm in a very ants-in-me-pants mood today, time to run round the garden and calm down. Byeeeee xx


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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