Friday, 19 April 2013

A Flying Visit!


I was told I had to do a R.A.F. Friday today, but I’m rather busy packing suitcases ready for tomorrow (always seem to be packing and unpacking the ruddy things) so, yet again, it’s  another flying visit form me! Oh and before anyone asks, I’m not going on me hols ((boo hoo)), I’m just showing off me wares again!


I have no idea what the picture is all about (perhaps I do, but my muddled head is stopping me from decoding it at the moment!!!), but I had to buy it because I thought it was rather fun and a bit odd- oh how very me!
Middle East Madness”
Teehee, find me another picture with a camel, a nuddie woman and a Wellington in it… I bet you can’t!!! :)

Anyway, if you know anything about it (?), then please do enlighten me. ;)


 Here’s to a cracking weekend,
Tickety x
RAF Fridays so far...


  1. Ha! That's brilliant! Where did you find it?
    Jo :-)

  2. We just awarded you with a "Very Inspiring Blogger Award" over at our blog :D

    You can view it here:

  3. That's a good ol' hit of quirky fun if ever there was one. You always find the most delightfully awesome things, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. What a rather bizarre article! I wonder what it's story is.

  5. Heh, that's a strange picture. I have a photo of my granddad at the sphinx on the day WWII broke out (he was career army, so already stationed in Alexandria). So I can do you an army chap on a camel, but no naked ladies or Wellingtons...

  6. Hi, I've got a mystery photo of my own which you may be able to help with. You might also enjoy the Anzac Day theme:

  7. Are you paying over $5 per pack of cigs? I'm buying high quality cigs over at Duty Free Depot and this saves me over 50% on cigarettes.


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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