Friday, 12 July 2013

Reflection of a Sweetheart.

Hullo, it’s me again!
I’m back with the latest edition of RAF Friday…. No, really?! Kind of obvious I guess!
Anyway, a couple of weekends back, I was having a rather unsuccessful shufty around an antiques fair. I’m pretty sure we, mammy and I, had been there well over an hour before I found my first purchase…. How awful, eh? I had nearly given up hope, but then I came across a stall with several things to tickle my fancy!
The first thing to catch my wonky eye was a tea cosy- a purple fluffy affair- and I duly paid the lady before wandering a little further up the same stall to the sparkly bits….I looked down and there it was…Another RAF compact (remember I already own one)... My heart went all a flutter as it tapped danced around the table (the compact, not me!), singing out as he went along, “Buy me! You need me! I will rid your nose of shine and I will make you smile every time you look upon me…. So bloomin’ buy me woman!”.
Ahhh, my little R.A.F. beauty.....
Well anyway, I did my usual “should I, shouldn’t I?” before I whipped out the dosh and paid the lady. I think she was pretty pleased I bought it (really she was!),  exclaiming joyfully “oh, you always buy something from me…”! Well I had to buy it then- can’t disappoint my people- hahah! :P

 Dinky, slim lined and well, compact!
 I was rather pleased with it being a Gwenda "Tap Flap". The nifty spring loaded mechanism means you don't need a sifter, so it's less messy than the other loose powder compacts. Actually, in the days before Pappy had found me my current RAF compact, I used to use a "Tap Flap" every day! I must say that they are fab little compacts....

  Here's a creepy hand snap (don't think hand modelling is for me!), demonstrating that a swift tap in the centre will release just enough powder to dab on ones shiny hooter! Posh eh!

 Little Dolly Deco Tap-flap meet Mr Tap-flap- he's in the RAF don't you know!
For ages, well two weeks, I've been trying to work out what my super new compact reminded me of, and then I suddenly remembered......

It's like the beautiful tiles in one of the bathrooms at Eltham Palace!
I'm almost certain that I will now be powdering my nose and making sure mt lipstick hasn't worn off more often!
Anyroad, here's to a wonderful and sunny weekend...
All the best,
Tupney xxx

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  1. Oh Tupney! What a score this was! Its so you and well now you have a mr and mrs hehee I love it and now of course I feel like I need one too! I actually have a 1940's compact that is stunning-I have to snap a photo of it soon but I have no clue how to put powder or to get a lipstick to stick it in-its so neat-I def have to take a pic soon ehehe Great post-I loved it! xox Bunny

  2. Fantastic find! I do that same "should I, shouldn't I?" dance in my head over nearly everything I buy (save for groceries and the like) as well, but rarely regret the decision either way, so I think there's something to be said for the routine (even if it does cause one a little stress at times).

    ♥ Jessica

  3. How sweet he is. Say, will we one day have a tour of all your compacts?

  4. Fab find! I think sometimes you just know you need something and this was it ;)

  5. Always fun finding things like this, gives quite a little fillip to the day!

  6. Are you paying over $5 per pack of cigarettes? I'm buying high quality cigs at Duty Free Depot and this saves me over 70% on cigs.


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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