Thursday, 11 July 2013

Simplicity is Beauty.

Today I thought I’d start uploading some of the beauty pages in my vintage magazine collection. After all, it would be hopeless for me to do a ‘get the look’ post, seeing as I’m cack- handed (in all ways) when is comes down to the make-up side of vintage beauty… I only seem to be able to curl my hair!
This is a great little article from March 1944. No fuss, just simple makeup!

To be honest, this is my usual routine whenever I wear makeup anyway. Though I don't use an eyebrow pencil, just Vaseline, as I have unruly eyebrows that would probably look like escaping caterpillars if I tried to do anything to them!
I assume that the foundation cream they are using in this article is a good old  "Vanishing cream", or in today's terms, a primer/ face cream. I'm pretty sure that by the 1940's there was a concealing type product available here in the UK, but at the moment the product escapes me- not that it would have been widely used or available with all the pesky shortages anyway!
Oh and note the exclusion of eyeshadow and eyeliner flicks! ;-)

I tried my hardest to get my hair like the hairdo in the picture (what a beautiful model!), but I failed miserably! Still, I was rather pleased with the curly top I ended up with, hence a snap! I would so love to say that my skin is indeed fairer than Snow Whites, but that would be a big porkie -It would take a bloomin' miracle to make my skin look lovely. Alas, no, I had to use a few special effects to detract from some of the blurriness, which is why my skin looks perfect! I only had a choice of two pictures to choose from- this one and another of just my beloved kitchen cabinet... oh and that one was the only one in focus- tsk, typical!!! Anyhoo, camera batteries are now fully charged- yay!

Do you have any other 'vintage' makeup tips?
Or are you lucky and just powder your face with sunshine?!

Tupney xxx


  1. Thank you for posting this, I love features like these from vintage magazines. Can I ask what the lipstick you are wearing in the photo above is, please?

    1. Course you can! I think it was a Revlon Matte, In The Red. Though the pic is quite bleached so the colour is a little darker in life. ;) Tx

  2. I love old magazines! You always look fabby, don't knock yourself m'dear.
    I always look like a tomato in the heat! Just can't handle it, even the sunscreen doesn't always help. And as for that cabinet, my friend would be in transports of delight!

  3. "If you dab powder on your nose first, you'll make it look as if it had been in the flour bin." :) I was reading one of Helen's pages yesterday afternoon, they're just the best, don't you think?
    It's funny how so many people think you have to be drowned in make-up and do flicky things with eyeliner for a 1940s look, I wonder where that came from?
    No "vintage" tips from me, but to get a good face-base, I'd recommend a weekly scrub and face mask too. Love your photo, very "moody" (in a good way) xx

  4. You are a classic beauty of the highest caliber day in and day out, dear Tickety - please don't ever think otherwise, okay?

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Gorgeous snap! I think you did a top notch job with your hair and you always look beautiful.

  6. Keep your eyebrows neat! That's what I think make the most of my face ecven if I don't wear any makeup at all. :)

    And I love teh article. I used to collect how-to's when I was in my teens and I still have them. They are quite fun now, 80's makeup fashion is a bit different from today. :)


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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