Friday, 23 August 2013

Wings for Victory!

Hello ducks, tis me again…I know, I’m like a bus this week!

I’m back with another outfit post, but this time it’s a R.A.F. Special- fancy, eh!

A while back, can’t remember when, I had the ‘good’ idea of making a R.A.F. themed blouse. I wasn’t particularly sure on how I was going to go about creating this wondrous creation, all I knew was that I wanted it to be covered with raf bits ‘n bobs… well who wouldn’t want a blouse with filled with RAF bits eh?
First, I thought about drawing wing shapes and crests onto fabric using fabric pens or paint, and then I decided that embroidery was the way to go, even though it’s a right royal pain in the posterior. Honesty, I don’t know why I put myself through such trials!

Anyway, I had the perfect pattern in mind (see picture above) and the perfect material stashed away, so I had no excuse to not start….


As the blouse was of the yoked variety, I first drew around the yoke pattern so I could then play around with designs. Seeing as I'm on an embroidery kick at the moment (no idea why as I'm not keen on it!), I raided my transfers I had ready for my patchwork bedspread and chose a simple pair of wings. I scanned it in and jiggled the transfer around a bit- enlarging and decreasing the size so I had a bit of variety....
I then rearranged my bits (ha!) until I was happy with the design, and then stuck them down....
...but before I committed the design to the material, I made sure I was happy with embroidering the wings. Mind you, I wasn't that pleased with the first attempt. I had used two strands and thought it was too lumpy, so used only one strand on the real deal. Oh, and I used carbon paper and a steady-ish hand to transfer the design to the fabric!
I didn't go to town with the stitches as I wanted to keep it simple and quick!
Wings everywhere!
The finished panel.
The original pattern called for a ruffle... well, I made it, then decided I didn't want the hassle of putting it on! Next time I make this blouse I WILL put the ruffles on. I promise!.
The back fastens with little rouleau loops... now they were fun to make and sew... not! :(
... I decided to trim the cuff with ric- rac, and chose a colour to match the wings. I am now officially in love with the stuff!

I even felt stupid taking photo's on my own, hence the book on head snap! So goodness only knows what it would be like if someone was behind the camera!
I must apologise for the unsightly bulges! The skirt is also a new addition to my wardrobe, but because it took me so long to make, I may have put on some weight between the now and the start! The skirt may not have liked being worn over a slip, vest (I have no idea why I put one on) and suspenders either!

As I took the first snap a plane actually flew over... well timed or what!
Nothing interesting though :(
I must admit I'm rather pleased and proud of my efforts. But don't worry; I can still get my head through the opening!!! ;)
Mr Gnome gets in on the action too... he is on the left by the way, 'cause old monkey arms is on the right!
 (So sorry for the large amount of 'me' snaps!)

Have a wonderful bank holiday and/or weekend all!
Till the next time,
Tupps x
RAF Fridays so far...


  1. That is a really lovely blouse! The back buttons are darling, but I'm sure were a real labor of love. congrats! You are so talented.

  2. you're such a lovely doll!

    cheers from Brazil.

  3. Oh, so cute! The blouse turned out loverly! Your embroidery, however much you might degrade it in your mind, looks fabulous! And those rouleau loops are just perfect!
    I have to mention, I am so jealous of your hair! I wish I was good enough at pincurls to make mine look like yours. Oh, well, practice, practice, practice!

    The Middle Sister and Singer

  4. That's just gorgeous!!! Excellent job! (And you look darling modelling it, too!)

  5. Ooh, this is just darling! If only my sewing was a bit better, I'd love to make one for myself.

  6. Amazing blouse and fabulous idea! Well done! You look adorable in it :-)

  7. the blouse-the skirt-the hair: five stars! you modelling it so sweet! xxx

  8. Your blouse is truly lovely! I love the buttons especially, and the embroidery gives it a real air of whimsy :) Well done!

  9. What a cute and lovely blouse! I admire your patience to embroider it! I'll stick to knitting and sewing! ;) Love, GonnieMarie

  10. This blouse is a true work of art and touchingly beautiful tribute to all those who have served and been involved with the RAF. Inspiringly wonderful work, my dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

  11. I love it, and you look lovely in it!

  12. Oh, that looks super, well done, lovely piccies, too.

  13. I love how your blouse has turned out. It was interesting to see how you decided what to do. It looks gorgeous, your embroidery is very good. Ric rac is just the best!

  14. Lovely needlework there, in fact, lovely outfit all round. Personally I prefer it without the ruffles :) Keep up the good work!

  15. Wow, that is a really sweet blouse! Great work on the embroidery. And I love your hair style!
    Talking about plane spotting: this beauty flew over our house twice on Tuesday evening. It is a Douglas DC-3 "Dakota":

    Cheers from Norway

  16. How clever of you! It looks lovely.
    I'm forever running to windows to see what plane is going over. Last year I heard, though didn't see because it was right over the top of the house, a Spitfire and also last summer the Lancaster bomber from Goodwood and where we used to live six biplanes in formation came over once!

  17. Very cute! I love the ric-rac trim on the sleeves. :)

  18. This is one of THE greatest things I have ever seen on the internet! You are such a clever thing!

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