Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Cottontail Topper!

Hello there, tis I, the owner of this much neglected blog!
Today I thought I’d share the hat that was bought on my birthday way back in May. I’m pretty sure I promised to show it off at the time, but, as usual, I forgot all about doing it until recently. Then again, wearing a bit of fluff in the summer months seems a little funny, no? So now we’ve reached the autumn months, it's finally  (FINALLY) the perfect time to show it off. After all, it’s nice to have a bit of vintage fluff when the winds blow cold!
Cue silliness....
Believe it or not, this little cutie was saved for me- aren’t I a lucky girlie! I had been secretly after a little late 30’s / early 40’s fluff topped hat like this too, so I guess it was meant to be! I’m not really up on furs, but I presume the fluff is rabbit? So I must apologise for the title! :o
I know some people don't like wearing fur, and I would never advocate the buying of new fur garments, but I'm of the opinion that vintage fur should be worn and enjoyed otherwise it will only go to waste. So I'm going to give it another life, whether people like it not!


Here’s a few snaps taken on a proper model- my gorgeous, but somewhat battered hat mannequin, Miss Hattie Jacoll!

People! It has a BOW!


You may be interested to know a little about my dress too! Well, I’ve owned it for donkey’s years- it’s American (fancy!) and dates from 1941. Unfortunately I’ve never worn it as it’s now totally unwearable in my eyes. All I can say is that a previous owner must have got a bit hot and bothered when wearing it, and the dress now sports some delightful fading under the arms! I bet she was fond of  a spot of Jitterbugging now and then! Ooh, I can just imagine this dress swirling around a dashing American chap...  * cough... a Jimmy Stewart lookalike.... cough* Ok, that girl is totally forgiven!!!
Right, that's enough silly snaps of me in my new-ish to me hat (bar the two to come!). I have a pile of knitting that needs my undivided attention....
So, here's to the next time dear followers.
Tupps xxxx



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  1. Absolutely gorgeous !!!!
    I love the way you picture yourself, you look like a real 30's-40's girl ! It's a complete jump back in time with you !
    You look beautiful, as always.

  2. Lovely! The bow is so cute!!

  3. It's a fabulous hat, I hope you get the chance to wear it out and about. I feel the same about new/old fur. The dress is a beauty, too, shame about the fading. Glad to see you back posting. More pretty please!
    Hen x

  4. What a gorgeous noggin topper! Though the whole outfit is lovely. Agree with the vintage fur v. new fur, if you wear vintage furs, you're recycling, and that's fashionable, right? Oh, any news on a part three of the holiday posts? ;)

  5. Smashing. The dress looks amazing, could you spot dye the pits? Such a shame not to wear it.

    Jean x

  6. Adorbs! Love your background fabric too - so deliciously fallish.

  7. Ooh! I love it! You reminded me that I have a similar hate I bought a handful of years ago, but always for get to wear! Like you said, Autumn is here and a bit more appropriate to wear!

  8. That is a very pretty hat.

    Can you dye the dress? I'm pretty sure rayon takes colour well.

  9. I love that hat! The big bow and fur combo is super cute! And yes, I agree that vintage fur should be worn and enjoyed. Your dress is delightful too. Lots of great detail, specially the pockets. Too bad about the faded under arms but they don't seem to show to badly in the pictures.

    Emily's Vintage Visions

  10. It has a bow, and that bow is so terrifically pretty, much like the hat itself. Magnificent find - it suits you and your incredibly 40s wardrobe so fantastically well, honey.

    ♥ Jessica

  11. Oh, hi.. I barely recognized you there - please, stop neglecting this blog, dear. :)
    Your hat is so beautiful, it's a darling addition to any outfit.. and dare I say: it's giving it an instant glamour.
    Your hair is lovely as always.


  12. Oh goodness, the hat is adorable!!! You look fabulous! So, so, so cute. It's a shame about the dress too, but I wonder if there's anything you could do with it? Dye it or something? It's just too gorgeous to not wear!

  13. You look absolutely brilliant! I definitely thought the first photo was straight out of the 40s! Very authentic :) I would love to find a cute hat and fancy American dress like that. Gorgeous combo! Too bad the dress has seen better days :(

  14. What a wonderful hat!! ...and YOU look generally fabulous as usual. I would have to lay hands on it to tell for sure, but the fur on your hat may very well be FOX and not rabbit...not that it matters, although fox is generally recognized as slightly higher-quality (or just more highbrow in general) than rabbit-fur...from looking at the nap of the fur in the photos, it appears to be fox to me. As I said though, I'm afraid that without touching it, I can't know for sure! But I am very curious....


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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