Thursday, 9 December 2010

Baubles, Bangles and Beads- minus the beads and bangles!

Doh, as I’m writing this tonight (so now our yesterday, as I wrote it, well, yesterday!!) and have just looked out the window to see a new moon- arrrrrrg! I should of course now go outside to bow, turn several times and change over my money or whatever you have to do, but it’s too blooming chilly out and not to mention dark.
Anyway that’s by the by and not at all what I was intending to ramble on about.
As usual and quite common at this time of year, I’ve got myself all confuzzeled- oh, that Dick Dastardly Moon!
Christmas Baubles! That’s what I wanted to talk about. Pretty, entrancing, delicate baubles…. All vintage, of course!
I don’t believe that ‘less is more’ when it comes to dressing a Christmas tree, the ‘more the merrier’ is what I say (heartily said and maybe with a deep voice!) and our family tree is this statement personified!
It’s always crammed full with tinsel, fairy lights or as I like to call them Fury Lights, new (ish) baubles, vintage family baubles; many with sentimental value, or just baubles attached with plain old favouritism- they are all there, in a variety of shapes, materials and colours. Tis all beautiful in my eyes.

Well, I thought it was about time to share my finds before they are dispersed around the house and hard to take pictures of. While sharing the delights of our ‘is there any space left for this bauble’ tree when it is up and properly dressed!

My cheery paper tat! >
I quite amazed myself today, when I totted around the boudoir, to find my decorations in readiness for the taking of the pictures….. Cor blimey, the amount I have amassed (with the help of ma!) lets just say…. I’m all right Jack, when the time comes for me to have a Christmas tree of my very own! It’s quite the little collection. * squeals with excitement*
There’s just something more appealing about the traditional Christmas decorations- they are as mouth-wateringly yummy to me as a jar of brightly coloured sweets, so delicate are the ones made from glass, which makes them all the more precious and jewel like. The  colours are rather gaudy at times but also surprising tasteful- mind you, you might think otherwise as my definition of ‘taste’ is a lot different to others! I suppose you could say they are quaint, a little bizarre perhaps (?), but not at all flashy in the same way as their modern counterparts…….
…thought I might add, that I’m desperately trying to think of some yummy bright coloured sweets, but all I can think of are Chocolate Brazils and well, they are just brown!
 My recent finds include; a vintage glass root-a-toot toot bauble, not pictured as of yet and some ye oldie paper lanterns, which are quite a bit bigger than the ones I own already- also not pictured.  I’m waiting to show these ones off, along with my other ‘one off’ decorations as soon as the branches I intend to make are made.
^^ pretty lovelies- I especially like the ones where the design is pressed into the bauble- such pretty colours too!

Must dash, as the sofa and a hot water bottle awaits!
 Bye-de-bye Folks
                                                                                      Your Tups x


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  1. The picture of the Christmas baubles at the top is simply lovely. Such fabulous colours. My tree decorations are clear, silver or white, but I confess a penchant for multicoloured decorations, coloured like the wrappings on Quality Street ;-)


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