Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Game No.6

Peg'ity- Parker Brothers.
PEG'ITY is such a gay (happy) name, don’t you think! This board game is undoubtedly a 1920’s one, and by far the earliest in my collection. I know that I seem to say this in every game post, but isn’t the illustration fantastic! I suppose it’s the illustration that attracts me to the game in the first place, and then clinches the deal when it comes to the buying…Oh, and I suppose the price has to be agreeable too! I just can’t help it; I’m attracted to the designs ….

The instructions are simple (thank goodness), and run along the lines of Othello, which is another game me and ‘The Sister’ hold very dear.
Up to four players can play, and each player owns a colour (pink for me, methinks!). The aim is to get five in a row on the board, while blocking the other players so they can’t do the same back. Actually it’s nothing like Othello! As your aim in that is to block and then overtake, so just ignore me.

I absolutely love this….
‘ please note that the board of PEG'ITY is of a natural tint which forms a contrast for the various playing pieces, as well as being restful to the players’ eyes’ 
How considerate of them, hey!

Cheerio Folks,
Tickety x


  1. I'm intrigued by the family on the it me or is the son wearing more make-up than mum and sister. Well, it was the decade of 'anything goes'! ;)

  2. Haha, Now that you have mentioned it- he is rather colourful isn't he! Tups x


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