Friday, 17 December 2010

Game No.4

Oops I forgot to post this last night….
Remote Controlled Driving Test
‘A test of skill’
by Merit Toys- England
c. late 1940’s and early 50’s.

This game certainly reports to be a thrilling game on the box, doesn’t it?
However charming the illustrations are, those proportions are a little iffy to say the least- the children must be minute! I know that people from days gone by, tended to be on average smaller, but not that much smaller, surely?!
I love how most game illustrations depict a brother and a younger sister combo, where usually the older brother stakes centre gaming position and the little sister patiently awaits her turn, with wide eyes and looks of longing and amazement. I’m sure this happened a lot, but with more tears and tantrums…

How cute are those!....
The game itself reports to be remote controlled- I know, fancy, and by this they mean you just control the car with a stick and a magnet- no batteries included here!
All it is, is a gear type stick that the player holds, which in turn is connected to a lattice type movable thingy (that’s the technical term ;)!) that also has a magnet on the end. When you move the stick, the lattice thing with the magnet on moves underneath, connects to the car or motorbike on top, and when you have connectivity, you can then steer your chosen vehicle around the town!

To explain more clearly, here are some of the instructions.

Insert the control leaver into the ball joint. This operates the platform which controls the movement of the vehicle. Obstacles are provided which can be placed along the route and can be varied as desired for each game or test…..  Blah, blah, blah, that’s enough for you to get the idea on ‘how to’.
It really is jolly good fun, well I think it is, and I’m hopping the Christmas day folks will do too, but I am unsure as I’m saddened by the fact that we now have a Wii- grrrrr.
Happy Friday All.
Tickety x

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