Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A Day Out To Ramsey....

Hullo kiddies Tickety here!

My outfit-  TUT to my gasmask bag pulling down on the shoulder  of my dress- what a scruff!

Some more pictures to add to the Tickety Boo Album taken on Sunday’s trip to the 40’s weekend at Ramsey.
Apparently this year it had a new venue after relocating to an old army camp rather than the previously used airfield.  The surrounding countryside was rather picturesque and the weather was very warm and sunny- so jolly good in that respect. OK, so it was a fairly long journey to get to the event and because of that we all decided that it would probably be the first and last time we visit. (I’m sure they will live without me!)
The site was full of a mixture of stalls ranging from militaria, repro vintage, and vintage clothes…… and no I didn’t buy any clothes as most of the stalls were a bit pricey, plus I’m a skinflint and I like to think I’m getting a bargain! I did try on a lovely two toned suit but I thought it to be a bit posh looking for me as I’m naturally a bit of a scruff pot- it was rather wonderful though! Having said that I didn’t come home entirely empty handed (that just wouldn’t be on now would it!) and I did purchase something really rather special!
After the shop fuddle and a much needed coffee/lunch break we returned to the field and made our way to the camp- which in all honesty you could have left without seeing because it was tucked away out of general view by a swathe of trees and bushes. The camp itself was actually my favourite bit as it had some jolly good displays. It also had some shade and a cute dog wearing a neckerchief – you have got to love a dog in a neckerchief (yes, yes you do) so I duly named the cutest and best dressed dog, Eric!

Eric and his master.

I MUST have one of these-why do they need three of them anyway...
A Welbike- designed to fit into a 15'' drop container apparently.... well all I can say is they can drop one of these over my house any day!
 By the time we reached the camp I was getting a bit sun bedraggled and all the army tents and canvas awnings looked quite inviting for a little nap- I don’t cope with sun, I’m British! Oh, and that’s another thing… how on earth do these men stand to wear heavy woollen uniforms in summer?  They must be either very passionate about re-enacting or they must just have a screw loose (or both?!). I don’t know- I take my hat off to all you woolly re-enacting men folk… talking about taking things off, I kept on taking off my belt in the hope that it would make me cooler (that’s all I could take off otherwise I’d just be in my slip and I couldn’t possibly have done that as it was a modern-ish one!!!).

 I couldn't get a word out of  this chap, maybe it was just me...
Anyhoo,….  I’m certain we missed out some displays, but the ones we did see were very nicely done- my favourite being the CC41 display- oh, the clothes, the clothes! Once I had taken a zillion photos of the pretty things (most of which are blurred) we made our way to see some of the closing parade thingy.  I didn’t see it all because Pappy wanted to take photos of a cars rear end- he then led the way to the ‘Ramsey Purchase’ so he is excused….. this time!

I want, I want, I want..... the red stripe dress in the middle..... please!

Scrumptious stocking box....
notice the nice rug its on.... sigh.

Something else I wouldn't mind looking after....

I want the rug!

My future car- Standard Flying 8 (Daddy, pretty please!)... the fact that I hate driving and can't drive is a (morris) minor issue... well, I just need to find a chauffeur -anybody interested?

Getting the Coach back....
I wanted to commandeer this Green lovely so I could start running vintage coach tours-(something I have been thinking about for a while now)  I would need a driver  though (again anybody interested)... Just think, I could have a uniform with a hat!
Well that’s about it….
Have another post to write up about the ‘Ramsey purchase’
Tupps xxx


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I love your hat and belt.

  2. What a fab outfit!! Looks like a lot of fun!

  3. beautiful outfit, I'm just about to post the gasmask/bag pattern on Vintage Chic

  4. What a fun adventure! It all looks so fabulous. I'd be happy to take home many things you showed, too. ;)

  5. Sounds like you had a great time! Can't wait to see your purchase!! X

  6. What a grand day out, I do love your dress its beautiful! I am also really intrigued to see what fabulousness you purchased!!:)

  7. What a fab day! Your outfit is a delightful colour too, I bet plenty of people there were coveting your dress as much as you wanted the pattern one there!

  8. Love driving and willing to drive you in exchange for shoes! Love the hat! xx

  9. Teehee- that could work Jennie…. Well, only if you take a different size to my 4.5/5 uk!

    Just about to take pics of my new......?
    Tupps x

  10. I so wish I had your figure! You look like the ladies on the covers for 1930s dress patterns!

  11. My kind of day out and as for the car and coach oh I would love both of them.
    Your outfit as always was lovely.


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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