Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Ramsey Purchase...

So here it is, my 'Ramsey Purchase'! I'm rather afraid that you might all be slumping in your seats at this very moment, thinking to yourself.... is that it? Well yes it is but to me its the tops!

My new compact- ooow ahhh. Pic taken with a picture I also picked up at Ramsey.... I'm pretty sure the RAF chappie is Canadian! Not that you can see it but the gals suit is wonderful.... you will have to take my word!

It may not be in pristine condition (though, pretty darn near!) as it does have signs of wear and tear which is blooming fantastic for the likes of Tickety here.  Why?  Well, if it were in tip top condition it would be hurried out of harms way in to one of my display cases. I go all hot and cold at the thought of one of my treasures getting more damaged in my care. So with that in mind, yes, the scratches are a welcome sight as it means I can use the old sausage… In theory I won’t be over precious about it, which is actually a lie as it’s not in my nature to not worry about something…. but I'm determined as it is far too lovely to not be seen and used, don’t you think!

Compact, leather case and lambskin puff...
I think someone was a little over zealous with the blue enamel!

Inside- nice mirror but sadly no sifter!
My new swishy compact has now been emptied, brushed out, whilst the puff has been washed (it came up really well too- you should have seen it before- ewe! Haha!), and the compact is now awaiting fresh powder…. Then it’s off on a holiday to the bottom of my bag to have a jolly with Miss. Lottie Lipstick and Mr. Stratton the comb!

Ah, all I can say it’s a good job Pops spotted it on his travels around Ramsey’s shopping arena (thank you pa)- both Ma and I diverted our tracks away from that very stall in question- it looked like it was full of military tat…. *Cough*, I mean military collectibles!
I say you must have a man on the search with you at all times as usually ‘they’ the men folk  are not put off by rust and other smelly canvas stuff!
In all honesty it would be ok if only I knew what I was looking at- my knowledge on the military side is near to nonexistent.

For some reason I think I might just have to powder my nose a little more often…. Hmmm, I wonder why?! Could it be so I can show off my new, and swishy wings adorned compact?!!!

Tada all.
Tuppy x


  1. Oh well spotted Pa! It's lovely.

  2. That's JUST the kind of thing I love, too! Enjoy that sweet little thing!

  3. It's lovely, what a great find! I have a vintage compact which I love too and use all the time. X

  4. Oh luck you what a lovely find and now it will be loved and used.

  5. Oh, that's lovely!! Powdering your nose is going to be the most fun ever now. I love the little case and the fact it has the original puff... how darling!

  6. It's wonderful!! Ohhh I do love a man in the RAF x

  7. Ooh, you lucky kitten! And bravo to Pa, my Pa is a nightmare to shop with - he wouldn't notice a £5 note with "free to good home" next to it! Powder your nose and think of England! xx

  8. It's wonderful, just the sort of thing that makes me pounce too.


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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