Monday, 8 August 2011

The Events of a Tickety Boo Sunday...

Hullo Kiddies!

What’s been happening in Tupneyville? (Ta Paddy for that one!)
Well, I thankfully managed to make up for last weeks missed flea fair, which was a devastating affair indeed as I never miss a flea….well, apart from when I’m on Holiday- I will even venture to one when I’m quite, quite ill, but the migraine overruled this time and it saw me well and truly laid up in bed- gah, nasty things.  Anyway I made this one, so all is dandy… smaller in size it may have been but quality prevailed, and I saw lots of things to covert and unfortunately lots of things I had to leave behind. Luckily for me my Burglar Bill swag bag was still filled with many treasures- Knitting patterns for one (I’m always a happy bunny if I find some knitting patterns!), a preserves pot with a green plastic inner to add to my growing collection of similar tat, a rug maker, a rather limp, saggy swimsuit that needs re shearing and a 30’s novelty oddity (more on that in another post!).

Upton House from the rear!

Anywhoo, once all the shopping possibilities were exhausted at the flea, the Tickety clan ventured to a Millionaires House Party! 1937 was the year and Upton House and Gardens was the destination … well in my head I had decided upon the year of ’37, and thats the date I printed when the butler asked us to sign the guest book!
I went with full intentions to find myself a millionaire, but the event was sadly lacking in the eligible bachelor with a reasonable bank account balance department- I checked every room possible- even the wonderful silver bathing room,  and not to mention the gardens- however beautiful they may have been they saw no presence of such a chappy… a bit off don’t you think as the event details stated it was a Millionaires House party… so....pray tell me where were the Millionaires?

I shall now stop my chatter and leave you with the pictures....

Different parts of the Garden...
Gardens designed by Lady Bearsted and Kitty Lloyd Jones.

Little Fishes in the Pond-y thing!

Some lovely bits n bobs on display- I LOVE the 20's dress bottom right!

The most beautiful embroidered 30's gown- I could have whipped off with this one- I'm sure it would have fitted too!

The wonder bathroom with Aluminum leaf walls... yes silver walls and was actually more expensive than real silver leaf!
the most modern/ art deco room in the entire house... a real marvel! Not so sure on the loo though...

Anyone for tennis? Serious trunk envy too...

one of Lady Bearsted's bills from Elizabeth Arden! It looked as if she was quite into her treatments and make up!

A Radiogram and a half in the bedroom... not sure if it would house my collection of 78's though!!!

A lovely Airy/ light kitchen- I even got to try a jam tart- yumm.
An enviable array of green and cream ware (Bottom left) they even had my salter scales!
A lovely stocked larder with packaging, all of which I could quite happily have left with (bottom right). A table prepared with treats for dinner.

Showing bits from the Shell Transport and trading company's  collection at Upton House...I adore the middle image- how cute!
Upton house was bought by Walter Bearsted, 2nd Viscount Bearsted in 1927. ...Marcus Samuel (Walters father)  made his fortune through  'Shell'- the family business!
The shell logo came from the fact that the founder started selling shell covered trinket boxes!

Well folks I must go as I have to get ready for tomorrows trip to the beach- I can't wait!
now, where's me bucket and spade....

Tupps xxx


  1. me three!!! Your hat and dress are as covet-worthy as the beauties on display (that gown, though: WOW!).

  2. Oh My! The Radiogram did it for me (I love it).
    and you look Great by the way!

  3. Oh, that sounds like a wonderful day! I love your outfit, especially your hat and hair.


  4. Ooh, that place looks such fun to wander around in!! That embroidered gown is just stunning!
    You look so lovely, and right at home there!

  5. Thanks for the drool-worthy pics! Sigh... soooo dreamy!

  6. Beautiful staff, especially the dresses. Your outfit is great - your mother did a fantastic job, and I love the belt!

  7. You look delightful! Thanks for the pictures; that's ample inspiration for decorating the new flat :)

  8. Looks like a spiffing day out Just love the radiogram, love the last picture of you.

  9. What a radiogram! Have fun at the beach, be sure to make a castle! xx

  10. As my Kentish friend would say when going anywhere like this, "Get yer poaching drawers on!" Gorgeous, and I do like that photo of you through the looking glass, so to speak.

  11. Wow!
    What a wonderfull place to visit! Shame you did't meet a nice millionare, I'd liked just to see you posing beside a handsome one :)

    Love/Nadja Eleonora


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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