Saturday, 30 July 2011

Little Pearly Yachts.

My Yachtachachas- or more commonly known as yachts outside the Tickety Boo Household…   Yes, two more vintage fancies bought in readiness for when I have my nautical themed cockatiel (hehe) cabinet!  

Unfortunately I have decided I may have to give the idea of having a sophisticated, stylish cocktail cabinet/ bar the old heave ho just in order to give the above lovely pearly ornaments and my other knick knacks (that are the epitome of good taste itself don’t you know!!!) the best and most suitable setting possible…. But not to worry all is not lost as I can have something just as snappy……
Think 50/60’’s, and think cocktail bar in the shape of a boat thingy made of wood with portholes and anchor- kitsch-tastic or what! Yes, I have the tendency to sway a little, ok, a lot towards the kitschy side of vintage. I can’t help it- really I can’t, Mystic Mug would say it’s because I’m a Gemini and having two sides and all!
some of my doodles...
Well anyway, whatever I end up with, you’d be sure to find my cabinet with a cardboard cut-out of Bing Crosby alongside it, and may I add Life size cut out at that… (I have mum to thank for this brilliant idea!) I can picture it so clearly- there he is in his stripy-T, navy blazer with brass buttons, sailors cap, pipe- Bertie, my wind up gramophone would be playing ‘All over the place’ sung by Tommy Trinder, and then there would be me in my anchor print playsuit mixing up a nice batch of cold ovaltine for us….me, to enjoy- ahh happy thoughts!  Anyway, what more could you want to adorn your nautical cocktail cabinet, hey?  Well, I sure can’t think of anything else more super, that’s for sure!

See, if I had a classier bar area, 'Cardboard Crosby' still doesn't look out of place! It's win, win!

If the lack of space doesn’t allow me to have my ship bar, then I will quite happily settle for a 1930’s barrel cabinet, with my pearly lustre’s dotted on shelves above- I’m not particularly picky (not much hey!)… especially after reading about a stylish young couple in a 1937 Good Housekeeping who owned such a cabinet! See first doodle for a loose idea of what I mean!

Some more bits I've collected...
top left: a set of small glasses, could date from anytime!
top right: 50's set with yachts on, which daddy bought for me!
middle: Salty the pepper pot and Pedro the spill holder (30's? will be changed to hold mini parasols instead!) found by Ma.
bottom left is a 1960's lamp with plastic fishes and an enamel badge for the P&O's  Canberra!
bottom right- Thanking pops again- a WW2 poster- I think this is the tops!
A nice little Tasteful number with Prince Philip!

Heyho, I suppose this little item of furniture would be categorised as a luxury and isn’t a necessity as I don’t drink that often, hmm, maybe I could turn it into a milk bar instead…. Anyway, a piece of furniture that is a necessity, a must, and is classed as an ‘I want, I want, I want’ item is a Kitchenette cabinet! Now then, that’s another post entirely!

Rightyho that’s enough daydreaming,
Off I trot ....

Tups x


  1. Ooh, I do love those boat shaped bars - Maybe not to think of it as a piece for drinks, but for storing accessories/jewellery in?
    Not to make you jelous, but I've found myself with a kitchenette cabinet just the other month, they are such a dream... xx

  2. Hahaha, I LOVE the idea of "Cardboard Crosby"! Now I want one too!!

  3. OMG! Whenever I stayed with Nannie and Granddad in Swindon (probably early 1980s) I slept in a little room with a porthole light like that. Their's didn't have a Canberra badge, though. I loved that lamp. Heh, thanks for bringing back a fun memory!

  4. Oh Tups, I just love your little drawings!
    I would one day like one of those boat bars! The things you have collected for your nautical bar are great xxx

  5. Love your idea!!! And the little things youv'e found are great, cardboard crosby would be just perfect. X

  6. I would definitely have a boat bar in my house. Kitsch is the way forward: it's never been in style, so it can never be out of style! :) Well that's my excuse anyway.

  7. Bing and your Nautical Bar "On the Road to...TupneyVille!" Bob's behind the bar with Dorothy up to his nautical naughties!!

    I have a semi circular 30's cocktail cabinet that I adore :) BTW...Lurvvv your etchings!

  8. haha!! I love it! I have to admit, I'm very drawn to the kitsch too! Especially when it comes to nick nacks and housewares! Oh... very soon you will be able to check out my own 'cockatiel' cabinet! The restored 50s dresser that's now getting flashier and flashier with coloured lights and such things (soon on my blog!). xxx
    ps. you've got a talent for drawing! But you probably know that already ;)

  9. Can you ask Bing if he's mates with Cardboard Niven and send him my way if so?

  10. You're a brilliant artist!

    ~Vixen~ x


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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