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Gladioli, White Heather and a Veil of Silk…

A while ago, ok, an absolute age ago,  I said that I would show my wedding dress collection off, and I have decided today, ( OK, now it’s yesterday-oops) would be a rather good day to start. Why? Well, 64 years ago today (yesterday), 26th Jul 1947, this beautiful wedding dress of white crepe was worn by the equally beautiful Betty, and she was to marry her ‘Doug’ at St. John the Baptists church, Halesowen!

St. John the Baptist church, Halesowen

This wedding dress was very kindly gifted to me by Betty last year while I was exhibiting some of my collection at a local event. I absolutely adore it, not only because it’s soooo unbelievably beautiful, or because of it being given to me, but because it’s also the only wedding dress I own where the date and owner is known. For me, this makes the dress come alive- however fanciful my imagination can be with the past lives of my unknown wedding dresses (and believe me I can make up quite a story!) it’s just not the same as placing the garment to a real person and to an exact date in history.

I was amazed and somewhat overwhelmed by this gift as it’s not everyday you get given something so precious and so personal- I couldn’t wait to get home that day I can tell you!!! It was like Christmas and even more so when I discovered her silk veil, which Betty originally thought was no longer with the dress! Wow- lucky or what!!! Betty also gave me some photos, which I scanned and posted back!

Well enough of my babble, here is Betty, Doug and their cake!

1. The Cake. 2. Betty and 'Arber'.  3. Doug, Betty and their Nephew.

1. Their Wedding cake was again made by her sister (there doesn't seem to be anything this 'Mona' can’t do… bit like my sister!) She said the top tier was of plain sponge (Madeira
mix!) as the groom ‘Doug’ didn’t eat fruit cake!

2. Betty with Arthur Johnson ‘Uncle Arber’, neighbour of Mona’s.
She wrote on the back that her father died in 1938, and that Eric, her brother in law took ill in the night so ‘Arber’ did the honours!

Betty carried a prayer book, and she told me that her sister wanted a bouquet so she (Mona) made one upon a tin foiled covered potato!

3. Bride and Groom- Betty and Doug and their Nephew. Unfortunately both the nephew and Betty’s Doug are no longer alive.  

Details of Betty's wedding dress.

Betty’s dress of white crepe was made by her sister, Mona (I think Mona was 13 years her senior… I can’t quite remember- oops!).
Her Silk veil was sent from Canada (ooo, fancy!) by a friend, and was held by white gladioli, & buds- white heather and moss. How pretty!

Now on to something less pretty... one crumpled wedding dress being worn by tickety here! I must say it's a must to try everything in ones collection on at some point, and I mean EVERYTHING.... shoes that are too small or too big, hats, mens wear-yes, even a pair of woolly long johns have I donned all in the name of....hmm, not sure what for actually- probably just because I could!

May look crumpled, but my hair is pretty good- if I do say so.....

So there you are Betty's beautiful wedding dress- Happy belated Anniversary, Ducky!

Tickety x


  1. Awww what a lovely post. Likelikelike x

  2. Oh, what a wonderful thing to have, and how lovely you look, crumpled or not. You look just as though you stepped out of the past.

  3. This looks very much like my grandmother's wedding dress. She was married in Scotland in January 1945 and her dress was made from parachute silk. I'll have to go foraging for photos to double check the design details.

  4. What a gorgeous dress, and how lovely to know where it was from and who it belonged to.

  5. beautiful dress! Absolutely lovely knowing the history and having pictures.. what a treasure! Have you chosen one of your dresses for your own future wedding? I'm so jealous of you fitting into these 40s wedding dresses.. your hair does look great too!

  6. What a beautiful dress and so lovely to have the story behind the big day:)

  7. Oh what a beautiful dress and a beautiful post. So pleased it is in the hands of someone who shall cherish it!

  8. What a lovely post. I love everything wedding related, and the dress/story together is delightful.

  9. Tups, you won a brooch in my giveaway! I couldn't find an email address for you, so if you email me with your postal address (or any other postal address you choose) I will post it to you.

  10. aww, thank you for you everyone for you lovely comments.

    Caitlin your grandmothers dress sounds lovely... now thats somthing I don't have in my wedding dress collection- one made from parachute!!!

    Lina Sofia- I’m too indecisive and I fear it would be near impossible for me to choose, but if that day ever came and I wanted to wear one instead of a nice hat and suit I might choose one that I don’t know the history of so to give it a new one!- Ahh bless!

    Tups x


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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