Thursday, 21 July 2011

Meet Harry and Jim.

Being far too sentimental for my own good, this little wonder found its way from an antiques (pronounced Anti- queues of course!) fair to Ticketys trove of many treasures!

Harry- looks a bit of a one if you ask me, but Jim looks a nice lad! Well I think he does...

I don’t have a clue as to who they are, but they seem nice enough chaps, and as I don’t like to see such things unloved and left forgotten, I decided to adopt them.  The lady on the stall said it was purchased from an elderly lady and that it was given to the lady by a man- Intriguing or what!  I’m a bit miffed that the dealer didn’t enquire more into it at the time, but hey ho what can I do….well if it was me I would have shone a light, whipped out a pad and pencil, quizzed the lady on who, what, why, and when!!! Yes, interrogation may have helped with the history of this piece…it just shows the difference between the collector (or the sentimental/romantic social history nut) and the dealer (in this case anyway!).

Who were they?
What are the relations? Was one of the chaps pictured the sender of this gift? If so, who did he give it to? Did it belong to a mother? Were they brothers of a girl or maybe pics of her brother and sweetheart?...or were they both sweethearts!!! I’m going with the mother theory personally!

Ok, so we all know it’s a sweetheart brooch and dating from the Second World War, but to whom it represents I just don’t know. Shame hey! Anyway, they are now known and Harry and Jim. Harry (the left) being in the Army, and Jimmy or Jim is a RAF chappie.  Harry’s picture somewhat distresses me, he looks tired and rather, well, war weary- which brings me to think what did these boys see and do and then to the most sombre of thoughts- did they survive?  

On that cheery note
Let us raise our glasses and drink to Harry and Jim!!!

Tups x


  1. This is fabulous... I wonder who they may have been. I'm always doing things like that with my frocks... who owned them first or made them, where did they buy the fabric, when/where did they wear it? .. etc. Gotta love a bit of social history mystery :) x

  2. What a fabulous find! It's a shame you don't know more about "Harry and Jim".

  3. I don't mind taking Jim off your hands sometime ;) xx

  4. Here's to Harry and Jim! Such a lovely find.

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

  5. How lovely. I have a very similar brooch, but with just one portrait in black and white. I hadn't seen anything else like it, so really interesting to see yours!

  6. How interesting! I agree with your "mother's brooch" theory. I always think it's sad when personal items like this, things that were obviously important to their original owners, get out of their possession; it makes me wonder how and why they (or their families, probably) would part with something with so much sentimental value. How nice that Harry and Jim have found someone to care for them again!

  7. Oh, I just love things like this, and I always want to know all the ins and outs if possible.
    I have a trench art brooch from WW1 with the photo a very young officer in it, I bought it because he looks rather like my son did when he was a bit younger. I wonder who he was and if he made it, poor boy. So frustrating not being able to know all about him.
    I am stupidly sentimental about these things and always want to rescue them.

  8. I love sweetheart brooches. Although with this one, I'd go with the mother theory too!! I have a pretty smashing one myself, with just the one picture of an american GI! Very romantic. Although, since the brooch was still here in England, perhaps the romance didn't last... who knows. Maybe he moved here! The seller had no idea about the history of it, just like yours.


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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