Friday, 8 July 2011

Time for a hair cut me thinks…

… and about time too as it’s been 8 months!

Yes indeedy, you know it’s time for a trim when you start to look like you could be a relation to Lion-o from Thundercats…  well I don’t have a red mane ( not yet- hehe) but I must say when my hair is in its natural state, and fluffed up a little bit- the likeness is uncanny!
Thankfully I’m not daft enough to post pictures so you will have to take my word and imagine it.

The last couple of weeks, (so the last two sets) have been extremely troublesome to say the least. Fluffy, frizzy, big, wayward…. All the things this girl most certainly doesn’t like to deal with. I suppose I have never had to deal with it as I’ve always had much shorter hair in my years of vintage! Any roads it was past my shoulders and took forever to roller up and dry.

My tresses are now 1 and half inches shorter with the layers cut into to take some of the weight off ( I’m positively weightless now!) and with the majority of my perm cut out! I’ve also got Ma to put in a pink streak to pay homage to my younger self. The Rouge might cover the rest of my Barnet by the end of next week though!

Me with pink short hair (16?) with a sticker on me head and with my beauty of a sister!

I want for it to be much longer, unfortunately this probably won’t ever be reality as I’m not one who can be carefree when it comes to hair. I like it to be just so- if even one curl, one teeny tiny curl is out of place or just wont play ball, then I will have a fit- when this occurs I would recommend that any person in the vicinity to 1) leave the room and 2) make for cover!!!. Mind you, the last couple of years I have (luckily) managed to keep ‘the mane’ under control and to the style I like. I have gone with the flow of the daily changes that my ‘weekly set’ makes- From the curly, curly, to a soft page boy bob of pre washday! Not to mention the fact that my perm has been on its last legs for the last few months, so I think I’m entitled to a few more gold sticky stars for how well I have coped.  
Having said all about my want for long curly hair and the perfect set, it doesn’t stop one from wanting a short curly top like the ones seen in the 30’s and early 50’s!!! What can I say- it’s my fickle nature… To be honest I’m surprised I have lasted this long without chopping it off!

I really like this cut at the moment- well, from this morning (Cough- that’s years in my head) I have been besotted with it!!! (And might I add with the hairdresser too-
How wonderful it is that he is wearing a suit, and just look at those turnips Turn-ups!

Oh, what it would mean to be able to time travel back just for a haircut!

HAIR MODES - British Pathe

well here's to the next time and
fingers crossed that my new do and set turns out tickety boo

Tupney xxx


  1. You almost looked at the camera there! You look so different at 16, it's hard to believe you're the same person! Mind you, when I was 17 (this is sadly about 8 years ago), I shave off half my hair and had an asymmetrical cut - I thought I was the cat's whiskers. Little did I know that when I started university, people referred to me as 'Kate with half a head', or worse...

  2. I love my new 30's bob. I wonder how many people I know now had a "lion cut" like mine when they were in their teens? Lol...

  3. Oh to be 16 and care-free, when we thought nothing of stickering up our faces... Happy days x

  4. I liked the flat razor the barber was using to cut the hair! Oh my!

    Curlers and gel and you can have a 'do that will last a week or two, right?

  5. I love your hair! =)

  6. You've watched thundercats! That show is a childhood obsession of mine!

    You may not look like Lion-o but I certainaly do with my red hair! Especially when my curls frizz out into a thick, uncontrolable mane.

    ~Vixen~ x


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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