Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Help: Repro Vintage Underwear needed!

Right vintage knicker fanciers, I need your help!
I’m posting this request on behalf of someone else, and it’s pretty urgent!

Your quest is to name anyone who does good repro vintage underwear!

Right, got that? Knickers (most likely French due to the era!), bras, girdles/suspender bets, etc.

Next…The style has to be of those worn in the late thirties, give or take a few years!

Then they have to be in black and red. Actually, and it’s just occurred to me that it’s an ‘Oh piddle’ moment! I didn’t ask if they should be black or red, or black with a coloured trim or visa versa- Ah well you get the general idea!

I suppose the company should be UK based too! (but please do post any suggestions just in case!)

Any help would be greatly received.

I wasn’t much help as I don’t go searching for repro vintage undies- I make my own of sorts (well, just started to)! All I came up with was ‘What Katie Did’!

Just think, your suggestions will be helping a costume team for a period TV drama….. oooow arrrhhhh-  and no, I’m not saying what it’s for…. I’m saying nuffink!

Tupney xxxxx


  1. Yep, I would have chosen WKD as well.

  2. Kiss me deadly might have some, but I haven't checked, I just know they do cute vintage underwear, sorry if there's no joy!

  3. Sorry- no idea either. I don't wear 'period' underwear, but would have suggested AP, WKD or KMD.

  4. Put Dolly Mixtures into the "What Katy Did" website search box, my personal fave, also I think I've seen cami's on ebay but can't remember what colours. X X

  5. There's a company called La Magia, but I think a lot of what they sell is from WKD. Have a look on etsy or somewhere like that, maybe someone is making some, you never know.

  6. Thanks for you suggestions folks!
    Have been made aware of this link too- I have posted it here just in case I don't speak to you later Jc!

  7. Looks like most of the repro companies have been covered so I'll just add that I've had excellent luck in the "old lady underwear" and sleepwear sections of the more traditional department stores. I've had great success finding camis, tap pants and split slips at Sears and JC Penny here in the US. The UK must have similar stores? Good luck in your search! Can't wait to find out what these saucy underthings are for.

  8. Hello miss, I would have recommended WKD, or perhaps try and get some vintage undies patterns on ebay and make 'em up if that's poss. I have seen copies of vintage patterns lurking about. Then you can dye them the relevant colours if you have to. Although there may well be some undies themselves on ebay for purchase. xx

  9. How about this:
    it's a site for handmade and vintage items, if you haven't heard of it (I can't imagine that you haven't heard of ETSY, but perhaps you haven't!)

    You can try searching first under handmade, and I have a hunch you'll find a lot of newly-made retro specialty undergarments there, and also select the "vintage" search engine for genuine antique items...
    maybe this will help?

  10. Hi love, I make lingerie for my lingerie label, frantic about frances, but I think the lady you need is Ayten Gasson. She makes gorgeous silk undies, in the 1930's-40's style you mentioned. search her on google, she has a website and is stocked worldwide, but based in the UK.

  11. I sell vintage inspired hosiery!! at, I am trying to make my own line of vintage looking nylons, and I found a ton of great pattern books for lingerie on Amazon.

  12. Hello, I did not realize how close you need, but I at home I have many patterns of underwear bras slips 30 and 40 and 50 years, I could ship them .....

  13. Have you tried Sew Vera Venus? She has a lovely 1930's french knicker pattern for free on her site. Or Mrs Depew patterns on Etsy - lots of 30's-40's lingerie beauties to sew.


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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