Saturday, 8 October 2011

Shoes but not for Me!

Life isn’t fair I tells ya! Just look at the shoes Mammy Tupney purchased the other day…… JUST LOOK AT THEM! She knows far too well how much I have been angling after a pair of shoes like these, and let me tell you, she knows it more than ever now! They are just the tops….. And they have the UTILITY mark to boot (or to shoe!), whilst boasting the fact that they are also unworn…UNWORN….. gah! I don’t even own a well fitting pair of vintage shoes in such marvellous condition, and now my Mammy has found such a pair…. Oh, I want to cry!
It would completely polish me off it they were green- luckily for Ma they are not.... phew!
Also to make matters worse, (and if you are airy fairy like me, then things couldn’t get any…) on that very same we gazed upon those little (well big) cc41 corkers, I had also spotted some more utility shoes. Yes, TWO pairs of utility shoes in one day- I could hardly handle such an occasion. But, and again it’s another ‘but’ that doesn’t favour towards Tupneys shoe cupboard, this time they were men’s boots. I bought them anyway, as I have been after a pair of men’s clodhoppers for my collection for some time, but still….. I wish they were for little Tickety Boo’s tootsies…..Oh, and did I mention that they fit my Pappy L(well he’s not having them that’s for sure!) I say that’s double unfairness!
Mens Utility boots after a good polish by Pops.
Thankfully, the day wasn’t all doom and utility gloom, as I did purchase something rather special (well it’s special to me), but you are going to have to wait a day longer to see it!

A shoeless creature.


  1. Those shoes are lovely, lucky you, and you know what they say = things come in 3s....

  2. Boo! A selfless mammy would give those shoes up for her beloved daughter! Can you at least borrow them? x

  3. Wow, what amazing shoes, especially as they're unworn. Such a lucky find (for your Mammy!)

  4. kate- I know my Ma would give them to me if only they fitted... I have smaller feet! Ah well, I'll wait for the 3rd pair like Miss Rayne said and hope that they will be in my size!!!
    Tupps x

  5. Oh deary, I'm all a-flutter - How can one pair of shoes be so wonderful? Sending you sympathetic thoughts xx

  6. I'm superstitious about shoes so unworn vintage ones are like gold-dust to me. What a shame they aren't for you - touch wood some more will pop up soon.

  7. Just found your blog, and I have to say I love the photos of you on the right!!! A lot of those pics really look like they were taken in the 40s. Lovely! I like blogs written by people who seem like they know what they're talking about. I'll definitely be following you! :)

  8. Awwww I would sneak them out of her closet to borrow now and again if they fit you, too! ;) They sure are lovely. It's so heartbreaking to see perfect-for-you shoes when they can't be yours!

  9. OH my, what a wonderful find those shoes are! I am highly jealous of your mammy right now! Where would you even come across such a thing? xx

  10. Hi again, I've passed a blog award on to you!! X

  11. Here's hoping you find your very own pair soon! I've more or less given up on original vintage shoes - I've bought several pairs and they're never comfortable, so it's always vaguely-vintage-looking shoes for me. Then again, if I were to find a pair unworn in my size, that might be a winner (not likely in a size 6).

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

  12. I have the same problem except that my feet are faaaaaar too big for any lovely vintage shoes! My Mum in the past, has always bought things I really like and then refused to let me borrow them (even though the size was fine!) Hope your Mum enjoys them and a magical pair find their way to you- like in one of the those 'shop that appears once, your buy something wonderful and you never see it again' Terry Pratchett described shops (if you've never read Terry Pratchett, right now I imagine you wonder what on earth I am wittering on about!)

  13. I struggle with modern shoes let alone vintage ones! My feet are ridiculously small, sporting a fairy size 2 1/2 (British sizing). I rarely find fitting shoes!

    ~Vixen~ x


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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