Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Just call me Fuzzypeg!

Well folks, I have been less than enthusiastic about anything of late, as you can probably tell by the lack of wittering on the old blog.  Hopefully, fingers crossed, from today I shall be taking more time to sort out stuff to share, as ‘spirits’ are rising!!!  Last Tuesday, after a long, long wait (a year and a half since the last!) I final got another perm (she says with a beaming smile J), and let me tell you it has pepped my spirits up tremendously!
I have even taken photos to show the results! It’s quite, shocking to see the difference between the post perm/ pre set and post set pictures.It’s like seeing a totally different person- Oh the miracles of hair and makeup….. *cough* I mean its all natural…what, WHAT! What do my little ears hear? Oh, it’s those Dick Dastardly little pixies from up the garden, calling out ‘year right’ and ‘in you dreams’!!
Anyway, I have just realised that I had forgotten to take a picture of my hair do before I had the perm, but let me tell you it was awful, and you need not know anything else about it, let alone see it!

I am extremely sorry for the large amount of ‘me’ pictures,  but if I’m gonna show my curly top off then my noggin has to be in it as well…. Sorry!
On the up side you do get to see some of my pin ups!

Just after I had the perm- second photo showing a washed out Tupney with no make up and modern top- ahhh

Once I had set my hair in curlers.
Pictures taken in a cluttered bedroom (or my museum!)

The side and front wave.
...and the other side.

... the back- please excuse the mess!

As you can see I hate empty walls!

I like him.... and him.... and....

You may also like to know that over a week on and I still have curls- rather more bouncy and poofy than the first 4 days of the set, but still respectable looking… even with the post perm frizz! Yesterday would have been 8 days, and in theory the day I should have washed it, but by the way it that looks I think I’ll hold out for a few more days…. Well, I’ve had enough of washing my hair after having the perm- I think I had my hair rinsed and washed FOUR times and usually that’s a months or so hair washing for me!

Well must go.
Blouse to make,
Stuff to sort!

Tupney x


  1. TBT ~ that is one lovely hair-do!! WOW what a difference a perm makes...I haven't had one since high-school. Since my natural hair is ramrod-straight and blonde, of course I have always craved and coveted bouncy, curly ringlets and sassy vintage styles and 'dos that require lots of body.

    The thing is...I have now colored my hair a nice gradient platinum-to-pink-to-aubergine. (Aubergine at the tips) What effect do you suppose a perm would have opn that sort of coloring...? Hm.

    Well no matter...good to see you back and your hair looks terriffic!!
    ~ Hope

  2. It looks gorgeous! I just LOVE what you do with the wave in the front. Your hair always looks absolutely perfect. :)

  3. Ah lovely John Gregson, he has great hair too, I always like to see vintage stars looking a bit 'ruffled'.

    Fabulous set and it looks so healthy, my hair always goes dry after a perm.

  4. Hope: I have no idea how a perm would be on coloured hair- I have always been advised against it by my hairdresser, but I have seen perming lotion that states its suitable for dyed hair, so who knows!
    It does make setting easier though for us with naturally straight hair! Yay to perms ;)

    Tasha: thank you. It may look perfect at times, but you should see it when I brush it out- occasionally it looks like a bush! But I find if you brush out each curl separately it helps to escape that trauma!

    Miss Rayne, believe me, I have frizz- I just work it into the hairstyle and tell myself that the original 40’s girls had frizz too- I have photo evidence, so all is well!
    As for John Gregson- well I especially like this photo because he’s wearing his costume from Genevieve… and if I remember correctly, the equally lovely Kenneth had a nice hair do too- gosh, that reminds me he’s missing from my wall!

    Tupps x

  5. It looks fab! I especially like the back shot :-)

  6. It looks great! I'm shy of perms since many years back I managed to burn - that is BURN - my whole hair, to the point where I had to cut it all off, and a period afterward it sill grew as if it was crazily permed...I did say to myself "never again" and so far I stuck to it...but I do struggle with my straight hair that doesn't take a curl easily let alone keeping it...

  7. Your hair is just absolute perfection!! You and Fleur De Guerre have me convinced that once I find a suitable old lady salon, a perm is just what I need for my slippery unruly locks!
    I love seeing your room-museum too; what a collection of eye candy you have there!

  8. You do look smashing Tupps. I don't suppose you're a relation by any chance? You're the spitting image of my Auntie in the "other side" snap...

  9. As alway, you are vintage perfection. My hair has been absolutely destroyed by perms in the past but they are wonderful things when they are done well, you hair is such a testament to that.
    The photo of the back of your head looks like something from a vintage hair styling manual- incredible.

  10. That perm really suits you, it's so true that a hair style can really pep you up too. For me it's colour; a fresh 'coat of paint' on my head always makes me feel ten times better!

  11. Wow! If only I could make sure my hair would do the same as that I would have a perm in a SHOT! Looks lovely!!

  12. It looks great! I thought you just curled your hair with rollers. I know I feel tons better when my hair is properly curled (which is not today!), it truly makes a difference in your overall attitude :)

  13. Thank you all- a perm certainly works on my hair and makes curling it into a set style a lot easier. It was becoming a little tedious curling dead straight hair for it not to last very long in a set!

    Garofit: it sounds like your perm wasn’t neutralised properly, that or you were super sensitive towards it! I’ve always had my hairdresser do it for me- wouldn’t trust myself!

  14. It looks completely beautiful! I have naturally curly hair and have always thought it would be easier to work with different sets with straight hair, but this encourages me maybe curly hair is easier to work with :)


  15. Lovely hair!

    I never had a perm in my life, but then my hair is quite wavy by itself. I do feel a but tempted to try one now, though. :)

  16. Hello there! I come a-visiting from Tuppeny Happeny's blog, lured by such a fun blog name! I must say your hair looks absolutely wonderful! Really really lovely and it goes so well with your outfit! I've always fancied the idea of a perm but never mustered the courage to try it! I love your style of writing- witty and amusing the way you laugh at yourself! I'll be back....!

  17. I adore your hair! It looks goregeous! I wish I could get away with washing mine just four times a month!

    ~Vixen~ x


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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