Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Happy Bithday Doris!

.... Many Happy Returns for the Day, Doris-
Who has turned 88 today!
I couldn't possibly choose a favourite song, but I do like Ms. Day's rendition of this tune....
(Some lovely snaps in this clip)

....and I couldn't possibly choose my favourite Doris film either (just call me Miss Indecisive!),
though I have always like Calamity Jane and By the light of the Silvery Moon-
so instead I have chosen a clip from a film I haven’t seen yet!

Gosh I love this outfit!
And isn't she just the most perfect creature that you have ever seen.
Oh, and how I wish I still had the Doris coloured locks that my 4 year old self had- Pah to mucky blonde hair!

A scan from one of my film Annuals

Tupney xxx


  1. I love the man who knew too much!!

  2. Happy Birthday Doris! I love her in Pillow Talk

  3. My favourite is Calamity Jane, which I have seen probably a hundred times and know word for word, sad but true! X

  4. Happy Birthday to the lovely Doris Day!!!! xox


  5. I've heard that her British fans are even more ardent than her American fans. I'm happy to see that the rumor might be true but we really do LOVE her too! Thanks for celebrating her birthday!

  6. Doris Day is just perfect! :)

  7. My first ever cassette was a Doris Day one I used to dance around the living room to.


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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