Sunday, 22 April 2012

Henry Hall:- "Radio Times"

Tickety’s Tip Top Tunes!

It was meant to be ‘Teddy Winnerton’s Tip Top Tunes’, but I’m afraid he is off touring all the dance halls with the Horlicks Mixers, so as result, is unable to do any guest posts. By the way, none of that will make any sense, so let’s just say that I had a dream where I went to see a dance band call ‘Teddy Winnerton and the Horlicks Mixers’! The Horlicks Mixers were actually rather good, and their band leader was quite a catch too- I suppose he looked a bit like a dark haired version of Henry Hall.... Oh, and he had horn-rimmed specs and all. Actually come to think of it, Henry Hall did have dark hair (didn't he?)…Funny how in my dream he looked like another band leader isn’t it. Gosh, I have no imagination!!!

Anyway, because I have a lot of sheet music in a pile, all unread (I’m not musically gifted in any way), I thought I would scan in the covers and look up the tunes to go with them on the ‘Tube’ for all to see. When I pick up sheet music I always look for songs that mean something to me or images that are pleasing to the eye…. This means I have A LOT of the stuff as I like a wide variety of music and most sheet covers are nicely illustrated! So far I have scanned in about half my collection, which are all the ones small enough to fit in the scanner, unfortunately the rest are whoppers and I’m dreading scanning them in two sections- what a palaver that will be eh!

 So to kick it off  here is Radio Times by Henry Hall (or is it Mr. Winnerton?) from 1934.
Rather snappy graphics do you  not think?
And it's a good tune to boot!
And so to the tune....

In the words of Henry Hall...
Here's to the next time.

Your Tupps xxx


  1. oooh I love Henry Hall, I think my fave is Teddy Bears Picnic though

  2. I've got several Henry Hall tunes including this cracker. My favourite, though, would have to be The Sun Has Got His Hat On.

  3. Just discovered your blog - absolutely fantastic!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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