Thursday, 5 April 2012

The three whole weeks we were parted!

At last, after a three week parting (far too long), my very precious bits and bobs are now back safely in my possession.

Here are a few (read a lot!) photos of the exhibition I created to help out my local heritage centre. I was given full reign, so I decided to concentrate on the Home Front (WWII). I'm far too exhausted to go into too much detail, as I'm still in the process of finding new homes for all the stuff...... again!

If I did my job properly then the pictures should be relatively self explanatory!!!
Well maybe they would be if only they were clear!

Coupons, Fashion, Patterns, make-up and wartime packaging...

Wedding dress and photos, US parachute panel, 40's suit and hat.....
UTILITY undies, gloves and stockings. Endura perming kit and
more wartime wedding photos....

Children's fashion, games, books....
ARP- a selection of gas masks....
Men's stuff! Utility shirt and braces,
 knitted pullover (from 1947- don't have a wartime one!), fashion catalogue
and some wartime packaging....
On the Kitchen Front- Wartime packaging, MofF leaflets, Ration Books,
Ration recipe cookery books, special margarine wrapper, pretty green scales in box and utility apron....
This section was  meant to be the letters home section, but I ran out of time
to rewrite some of my  more interesting letters ( I didn't want to put in the originals which was a good job too,
as some of the original photos that I didn't scan have started to curl and dry out- me not happy!)
Anyway... Comforts for the services, and other related items to do with the different services- I don't have much to do this- YET!
VE Day Radio Times....

Close Up...
...And my Winnie the WAAF with a  Handmade RAF silk hankie/.stocking pouch!
Not that you can see it, but it's really cute!
As with most things, well,  it was better in the flesh!  I do  hope you enjoyed my mini tour anyway!
You might see them more clearly  here -I'm not really sure which is the the correct code thingy to link to me blog! (Help....anybody... please!)

I suppose I must shower, and once again start thinking about re homing all my treasures.... only two more bags and a lounge floor full of stuff left to sort!

Tata All.

Head curator of the Tickety Boo Tupney Collection.


  1. What a delightful collection. I also have lots of (less historically valuable) stuff and little solution is to go to a bootsale and buy some vintage boxes. My fella suggested I put some on EBay THE CHEEK! ;)

  2. Oh wow you did a fab job! Intended to go along and have a look but as usual time flew by and I didn't make it. Great to see the pics though, see you soon!

  3. Good lord what an incredible collection! I am in awe that you manage to fit it all in your house and kind of wish I could have it in mine. Do you plan to open a museum one day, or donate it to one? Do you have it all catalogued? (sorry old librarian habits die hard!)

  4. Wow what an amazing collection and you've done a fantastic job of displaying them! Must be nice to have it all back safe with you though! :o) Love the 1947 jumper, was the first fair isle I ever tackled. Thank you for sharing you pics :o)

  5. Thank you everyone- I’m not very organised so doing displays are really stressful :( I’m nearly sorted, but my thighs are feeling the strain from all the lifting and bending (walking up stairs is quite trying at the mo!)

    Miss Magpie- I would quite like to have a small museum one day- though it would be nice just to be able to display and keep the items in the appropriate setting/rooms, as it feels like I have a whole houseful of stuff in my bedroom- I don’t have a bedroom, I have a museum, …which is lovely but not very relaxing!

    As to your other question.... well, luckily I know what I have but I do need to start cataloguing it all- I haven’t a clue on how to do it or even where to start? I think it will be a life long project !

    Jo- do you recognise the hankie case ;-)

    Tupps x

    1. Oh yes! I hadn't spotted it first time, great to see it on display!

  6. Beautiful displays - I do wish you'd advertised it, I would've been on the next train to have a nosey :)

  7. Beautiful collection you have there, Miss! The pictures you posted here show up really small for me, so thank you for posting the Flickr link! :)

  8. What a gorgeous collection you have. And you are an excellent curator.

  9. You do have some lovely things, and how great that you were able to put on this display and share them with others!! X

  10. That's all yours?! What an amazing trove!!!! My goodness, your home must be a veritable museum. Thanks for giving us a glimpse!

    (PS: For the Flickr code, under "share", you choose "HTML/BB code"; select "HTML code" and then choose what size you want it to be. Hope that helps! ;)

  11. Gosh, that's fascinating, I want it all, haha! I love things like this, so interesting to see.

  12. OMG! That's really a lot of stuff and so interesting. Love the WAAF doll.

  13. Absolutely beautiful - you have quite a collection; wish I could see it in person!!!

  14. What a great collection, I too would love to see it in person :) x

  15. Wow you have a bloody amazing collection!

  16. Wow you have a bloody amazing collection!

  17. Wow, and all that stuff is yours! You are a lucky gal indeed.


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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