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Wearable Vintage Fashion

Wearable Vintage Fashion
Jo Waterhouse
Clare Bridge

whats on Tuppy's wonky 1930's coffee table....

I became aware of the Wearable Vintage Fashion book or the idea of the book quite a while ago because… well, let’s just say I’m a regular to Second Hand Rose! Many a time did I pop into the shop with a bag of my treasured vintage bits and bobs for Clare and Jo to photograph- In fact, I counted over the 80 mark of my stuff actually in the book- OK  so a few of the bits did come home with me too!!!

I rather excitedly received my copy a couple of weeks ago (read: quite a few weeks ago- oops, sorry girls!), so here’s my little review….

Don't you find many vintage fashion books showcase the crème de la crème of vintage, showing pieces that are more likely to be found behind the glass at a museum, rather than behind the humble doors of our closets! It's all very lovely jubbley, but I want to see things that are in the realms of possibility too! Well, ducks, heres your chance, so lets have a gander though the book....
Only a little peek mind you, as you will have to buy the book to start choosing your wish list items!
1950's leisurewear
"At Second Hand Rose, the vintage boutique we run in Worcester UK, we've found that wordy reference books with few pictures aren't very inspirational when trying to assist our customers. We compiled this book to fill that gap on the bookshelf. Gorgeous pictures of Dior and Co. make us drool, but this book will guide you through affordable, collectible and wearable items that you can own too, whatever your budget."
      (I thought this paragraph summed up this book quite nicely!)

The WVF book is exactly what it says it is- it’s a book aimed to show the wearable side of vintage (with a few exceptions!), from what the cloche clad flappers of the 1920’s wore, right through to the get up of the power dressing, shoulder padded madams of the 1980’s.
In turn, each decade is separated into sections, covering daywear, eveningwear, accessories, with a ‘get the look’ and ‘Icons’ page, followed by several ‘look book’ pages showing more of the decades fashions, and of course, an overview of each era.

Don't be fooled into thinking there wont be any wish list items in there though, as there are some truly amazing frocks sandwiched between the pages.... (some to make even the choosiest of madams weep- a stunning striped linen 20's coat springs to my mind- oh it was/is divine- sigh!)

Get the Look...
(See the anchor brooch- twas a pressie from my Sis.)
I particularly like the ‘get the look’ sections, and in these pages you will find original family photographs as well as examples of original and look alike vintage pieces, all to illustrate ways to get….. well, the look! A great idea for those who are on a budget, or for the times when finding period perfect vintage just isn’t possible.

Throughout my years of collecting (gee, I sound ancient!) I have been amazed to see how fashions took inspiration from previous decades (and they still do it today!).... the 1930's took inspiration from the Victorian/ Edwardian years (leg o mutton sleeves, frilly jabots, and lace- need I say more!), the sixties v the twenties (think Thoroughly Modern Millie!), Seventies picked from the 1930's (I shudder when I see the size of a mans arrow headed collar from the 70's!) and finally the 80's did likewise from the forties! With this in mind the book shows you how you can use this knowledge to your advantage!

The green slacks, pullover and blouse is a Tupney outfit!
If you know me, then you will know my views on how original photographs are the best fashion resource one can get!  Forget the fashion magazines and the rather lavish period films (which I agree are all very lovely too, but..), as these are what women of the day aspired to, but these little snapshots show the reality of women’s wardrobes through the decades!
So thumbs up to this section, as I like a nice old snap me!!!

Vintage Street fashion...
The back of the book finds the section titled “Vintage Street Fashion”, which focuses on the different way people from all over the world wear vintage.  Be it someone who immerses themselves in vintage every living minuet (*cough*), to someone who likes to mishmash styles and decades, or to someone who just wears a few retro accessories …. They are all in ‘ere! This is the perfect section for someone starting to dabble in wearing vintage, to give confidence and inspiration to others, because as you know, there is no hard and fast rule on how to wear and love vintage! Plus, it's nice to have a nosey into other girls and chaps wardrobes to see how they wear their treasures!

... more of a fancy dress take on each decade,  with tips of styling and make up too.
Remember this book has been put together by girls who work in  and own a vintage shop, with pages compiled to illustrate ways of getting 'the look' using true vintage or lookalikes- rather handy me thinks!

I’m living proof of the fact you can own some amazing, affordable (ahem, sometimes!) vintage clothing, but the only clause is that sometimes you have to search a bit to find it! Mind you, I look at the world of vintage through different eyes-I want to wear the clothes every day, but at the same time I’m a collector and want to preserve the darn stuff as well!

Righty ho that's a'nuff wittering on my part.
I'm off to peruse the book a bit more and gaze upon my treasure that are in print!

For more information about the book click here,
where you will be able to find the links to purchase the book too!
The End!
And so dear readers to bed... ok maybe not.... to lunch then :-)

Tara all,
Tickety Boo Tupney

P.S. That be me on the back cover- I'm not at all in the league of Rita Hayworth in 'Cover Girl' but ain't it just Tickety (literally!)...
Oh, and don't let that put you off the book ;-)


  1. Ooh, how exciting that you're featured in (on) the book! It looks like a fun thing to thumb through, I agree I like to see wearable fashions, being a more casual vintage girl in general. I'm with you-- the pullover, trousers and blouse would fit right into my wardrobe!

  2. I really love this book, I loved the idea of the "get the look" section, it's great for me, when I'm not sure on the finer details - earrings, shoes etc. Looks like they couldn't've done the first half of the book without you! It was lovely to see my friend Vicky get a big feature in the street style section too.

  3. What a brilliant book and the photo of you on the back cover is lovely - you must be very pleased :o)

  4. Now that is an interesting book, shall be getting a couple of copies. I absolutely adore the garment on the front cover, it's lovely! I really like the idea of having the old photos in it.
    My late mother always used to call me second hand Rose, other less kind members of the family mentioned the words, the junk Johnny!

  5. Looks like an interesting book!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Thank you for recommending that book. It looks very useful. I was on the shop's homepage too and found three absolutely interesting films about composing a vintage outfit from the 20s, the 40s and the 60s.
    By the way, I always like your outfits and your texts are funny and always worth reading. Best wishes!

  7. Oh Tups your famous! How wonderful, I will certainly be getting a copy it looks amazing!

  8. That sounds like a great book!


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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