Monday, 28 May 2012

Birthday Treasures.

One year older....

Oh dear, I feel very old! I may have only turned 23 yesterday, but I can hardly walk today. I don’t believe that age can creep up on you that fast, so it must be the after affects of playing, well, ‘trying’ to play badminton with my sister at a garden party! Honestly, it’s no laughing matter, as I’m finding it ever so difficult to move from the waist down at the moment!

Ah well, luckily I have been able to relax today, and because taking photos of presents isn’t too taxing and also involves minimal use of muscles from the lower half of ones body, so that’s what I have been doing!

 Want to see what I have been given? Well, tough shoe leather if not, as I’ve done the photos  now…..

I've taken the snaps of my pressies with some of my birthday cards too ;)
Unfortunately I have a couple more bits to show, but they were upstairs and getting them seemed too much like hard work for an ache riddled Tupney!
From Ma and Pa...
Horlicks Tablets tin and 30's MOP Arrow brooch.
I knew this wartime Horlicks tin was on it's way as I found it-  isn't it grand!
(I really miss Horlicks tablets as they were really scrummy.)
... More treasures Mammy had found.
1930's stratnoid brooch of an Ice skater and a lovely embroidery of some flo flows!
...Again more of Ma's finds.
1951 festival of Britain Compact and a sweet 1940's crocheted thingy for a dress
(I'm sure I have the pattern for this!)
One of Mothers finds again!!!
I love these types of necklaces so much... now I have two!

A Lovely 1940's reversed carved perspex brooches-one of my pressies from my Sis,
ans a glorious 1930's wall mask- isn't she Divine!
Quite some gifts, eh!

From a very lucky old, but oh so achy Tupney...

Cheerio for now,
Tickety xxx


  1. What lovely gifts, I bet you feel lucky indeed! I hope you have a lovely birthday and that your aches vanish soon x

  2. Poor Tupney! The necklace is luverly. I think those Horlicks tablets are still available? An American site called Spiced, I think, that's what I was told a while back... Anyway, Many Happy Returns, I'll have some cake later in your honour! xx

  3. Happy birthday Tups! What lovely gifts, the little skater girls is my fave.

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  4. Lovely pressies! I really like how the Horlicks Tablets tin reads "For eating only. Not for making a drink." in a really matronly way. Happy birthday!

  5. Happy birthday, you have some lovely gifts there! X

  6. Happy Birthday, Tups! Love the biker card! I hope you recover from your sporting injury soon. ;)

  7. What a lovely birthday haul! Love the compact and mop brooch especially! Jx

  8. Happy birthday! But it's the badminton, not your age, I can assure you. ;-)

  9. Surely no one can argue that you have not received nice gifts Tups!

  10. Happy birthday..... what great presents, well done Ma!! Hope you recover soon :)

  11. Happy Birthday m' dear. What suitable gifts!

  12. A very happy birthday to you! You received some lovely treasures!

  13. Wow those are some amazing pressies, lucky you. I hope you are feeling less achey tomorrow.

  14. Happy Birthday!!!(mine was the day before yours...sadly I have over a decade on you, speaking about creeping up or damn right creepy :)xxx

  15. I'm exploding envy at many of your presents - especially the festival of Britain compact! xx

  16. Happy birthday! Your mum has a real talent for finding lovely things - the compact is stunning.


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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