Thursday, 31 May 2012

Coronation Crackers... Two days...

The Countdown!

Two days to go...

The Coronation and the BBC

"A guide to the sound and television broadcasting arrangements for the Coronation of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II on 2 June 1953
issued by the British Broadcasting Corporation"

I literally jumped towards this booklet when I saw it, mainly because my Grandpa worked for the BBC and because he was at the Coronation too.
I think he was working with Raymond Baxter in Trafalgar Square on the day, as part of the BBC Outside Broadcast Unit, and knowing what Grandpa was like he was most probably doing something technical!
*News Just in.....My Gran said that if anything went wrong, he was there to put it right!*

See, what did I say, Technical!

I think I should put a picture of my Grandpa in this book, next to Raymond.

" the following pages tell the story of the part played by the BBC in enabling listeners and viewers throughout the world to participate in a moving and historic occasion"

....and to think, my Grandpappy was part of that!
They even give you a map, marking the route taken from Buckingham Palace and the return route also....
where there are BBC commentators and even where they have placed BBC Television cameras!
Oh and here is something for those who have not got a Television yet, but still want to see pictures of the Coronation...

A little less exciting than seeing the pageantry in all it's splendour on a 10 inch black and white screen perhaps!!!
 What about being a spectator in London- oh, I certainly wish I could time travel, though I'm sure I would have to stay overnight, just to do a bit of clothes shopping...maybe get my hair cut properly and perhaps, stock up on knitting patterns and wool! You know, the usual things one would do if you had the ability to time travel ;-P
I can't even begin to tell you how good these slides are-
I have three wheels in total and they are all in colour- Oo fancy!
And now for something completely different.

Two glass dishes.
I'm sure I had three... maybe there was an accident and someone hasn't had the heart to tell me yet!
Well, that or I only had two in the first place, though I'm quite adamant at the fact that I had three...
Maybe I am loosing my marbles?

Quite the good looking couple! Perfect for putting some celebratory nuts and nibbles on!

TTFN Ducks,

Tupney xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(^all of those kisses are to make up for the fact that I am boring you all xxx)


  1. Oh Tupney, these posts aren't boring at all - I love to have a nose at other people's dust collecters! :)

  2. I have a large collection of discs for my viewmaster, which are still hours of fun! How cool that you're related to someone who did the 'technical' stuff for the broadcast! X

  3. wow tupney!
    i have totally royals-envy ;-)
    i wish we had still a monarchy in germany - this country needs desperately some glamour!
    love your posts and style!

  4. Lovely dishes! How nice it would be to time travel :)

  5. I had one of those as a child! Had forgotten all about it until this. I often think about what I'd like to do and buy if I could go back in time, rather a lot probably!

  6. My Great Uncle bought their first TV set for the coronation. From a media perspective, it really did kick-start TV's mass appeal!


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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