Thursday, 24 May 2012

What Goes Around Comes Around.

A few weeks back I came across this knitting pattern in a shop- really I was flicking through hoping for a more fruitful reward, but I just found two pullover patterns for the chaps instead- this 70's creation and a rather lovely 30's one (see below!)

Now he's what I would call dashing
and the pullovers not bad either!

I normally stay well clear of the 70’s patterns, but I broke my own boundaries just for you, my dear readers (don’t tell me I never spoil you!) as I thought it was something interesting to show on me blog!
What’s so interesting about a dog-eared, dodgy old pattern I hear you cry?  Well, my little chickadees scroll down and all will be revealed…….


Tada- look familiar?
Well yes Tupney it does! And?
Tis the same pattern, but if you will just scroll down a little further…..

…Tada x 50….. I have the pullover as well! I bought this from a flea a few years back and also, pre finding both the ‘47 and the 70’s pattern. Pretty cool don’t you think? I did think at the time that it looked familiar but as usual nothing really clicked! How’s chances eh! Actually pretty high as I know another fella who owns the same pullover.... must have been a popular design I guess. Shows how nothing is really new...

Inside the 70's pattern it reads :- It's Cool, man!
Fair Isle from the thirties is back! Designed on mini style lines for trend-setters, or knit a size larger for more traditional looks. Reprint of a very old favourite.

Also as and added bonus....
A knitting pattern that has gone too far!

A health vest is one thing, but health pants? This is when knitting for men shouldn't be allowed.


Tickety xxx


  1. Think we may have the same love of Stitchcraft! :o) I've knitted a jumper for my dear old Dad from the same 1947 pattern.
    Hideous pants pattern! You just wouldn't would you?!!

    1. Hehe, those pants are indeed hideous- I’m quite tempted to knit them just in case I need to send a present to someone I don’t like- a little mean perhaps? Cor, you wouldn't want to be in my bad books, would you… well not with potential of receiving a gift like that anyway!!!
      And yes, I too love a good stitchcraft!

  2. haha... those pants are very funny!!! How odd you have that jumper, I love the way fashion just keeps coming around :)

  3. I always cringe at how itchy wool knickers must be!

  4. Great finds and so interesting to see the pattern recycled in the 70s! But the knitted undies are just plain wrong!

  5. How fantastic! I love the very 70s patter, each pattern is so similar but so of it's time too! x

  6. I love that 70s knit to bits. The sweater. NOT the terrifying vest-n-pants family... years of therapy in that photoshoot. Imagine that being your claim to fame, the mind boggles.

    1. Yes the 70's pattern is ok, though I think I prefer the 1947 version myself (hehe!)
      ....You really wouldn't want to get noticed from that pattern would you!
      T x

  7. First Coty Compact Twins, now Pattern Twins? I did intend to make that vest/pants set, but I shudder every time I see that pattern - Too much for a young lady to look at! Have a nice sunny weekend x

  8. I would gladly wear the sweather vest on the second picture! But heat pant and other similar thing, I dont' think so...

  9. Oh wow, what a coincidence! I really want to find a vest in this pattern now.

    Penny Dreadful Vintage


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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