Friday, 1 June 2012

Coronation Crackers- One Day To Go

Not long now ducks, but i do have one last blogette ready for tomorrow ;-p
Please excuse the 60 year old creases!
To think she went abroad a Princess and came home a Queen...

I think she looks stunning in the photo- quite radiant!
I bet she was looking at the flypast...
This whole newspaper was printed in gold ink-
Which is all very lovely, but it doesn't photograph well!

I watched a programme all about the 53 Coronation last night and they showed examples
of the embroidery that was done for her dress- my, they were beautiful!

and here is something to keep the little'uns *cough* and Tupney amused!

Isn't it wondrous- it has sparkles and all!

Some of the cut out bits you can make into your very own Coronation procession.

Oh and one last thing.
I have just got back from putting up a small 1950's display, and I thought I would share a few snaps,
if I may...

Gosh, it all looks so messy, but my displays are much better in the flesh and don't really photo very well (Oh and I don't mean to sound like I'm blowing my own trumpet!).  

Tickety xxx


  1. Oh, I love your displays!!!
    I hope all british people will spend a nice week-end for your queen!

    1. So do I as such special occasions don't come around that often!

      Thank you both!

      T xxx

  2. Well that what I call a very nice collection!

  3. That what I call a very nice collection!!!

  4. I wish we had a Queen instead of a President.

    And I love that little coronation procession put-together set!!! It looks in great condition ~ ^^ ~

  5. Apparently mu mum watched the coronation on a neighbours TV, along with half the street by the sound of it! X

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Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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