Monday, 4 June 2012

All Over The Place

Ah, this weeks Tip Top Tune is one my all time favourite tunes. We won’t acknowledge the fact that my list of favourite tunes is rather long, but nevertheless I just loves it, I do!!! I also have this tune on a 78, which is very prized indeed.

From the 1940 film ‘Sailors Three’, which also stars the lovely Michael Wilding and Claude Hulbert. Tommy Trinder and chums (the three sailors- hence the title) find themselves on board an enemy ship, which, unsurprisingly, leads to disastrous consequences and hilarious turnabouts (well, at any rate they make me chuckle!). Of course, they are victorious in the end, with Tommy also getting the girl- even though they only met the day before! Ah well, it’s nothing you wouldn’t expect to happen in a wartime British comedy- all very patriotic!

This is actually one of the few Trinder films that doesn't make me depressed- you put me in front of the gogglie box to watch 'Foreman went to France' and 'The bells go down' and there will be tears!

Anyway enough of my babble, here’s the tune, or should I say........ wait for it!
(please stick with it, as after the titles the song will appear!)

Isn't it one of the most joyous tunes you have ever heard (say yes or I'll give you a bop on the old noggin!)?
Seeing this clip makes me want to get out the DVD boxset again...

my lovelies

Tupney xxx


  1. Yes! Please don't bop me on the noggin! If that's what life's like in the Navy, I could be tempted to join up :)

  2. What s jolly song! It has certainly put a spring in my step this morning...and now I want to watch that film. xx


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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