Thursday, 20 December 2012

Just like Christmas

Christmas may only be a few days away, but yesterday it came early for me when I was given a whole load of goodies from my fairy Godmother of vintage (aka, Clare from Second Hand Rose).
Just look at it all....

First up is a bundle of sewing and knitting patterns....
A bounty of booklets and leaflets to dress the kiddies in...
My favourite of these has to be the romper suit- how cute and what an amazing curly top he has!
Probably the best knitting pattern of all. I adore pigs and I'm going to knit him as soon as I find 2oz of 3ply in pink.....
Yay patterns for adults too! Some super patterns for warm undies- can't decide which one I like the most.
The mannequin in the top left is one of my favourite models of the day- to me she is perfect. I would love to know who she is....
And to the sewing patterns
Again, some very lovely patterns for the kidlettes.
How cute are the rompers ( I must have a thing for rompers!) and the little outdoor set...
And last but by no means least...
 ...some patterns that Tupney can wear (Hurrah!). I can't wait to get started on the 1947 teenage dress (bottom left)- Will be a lovely style for the summer, don't you think?
And if that wasn't enough (I know, how lucky am I), I was also given number of old packaging too.
This does mean though, that I now have to reorganise my display cabinets (oh what a hardship!!!), as I hate having all this stuff and not being able to see it all....
I think this gal looks a bit like Anna Friel.... or is it just me (probably).
I shall be using this, but won't be looking anywhere near as glamorous in it, I'm sure!
I love old packaging- Tarso- pads for Callouses and all...
 Lovely is the Lipstick blotting paper packet... notice I'm not asking is you agree, I'm telling you it is!
And how cool is this- A Wartime quality pack of cookery parchment!
Got to love a bit of wartime packaging- I'm lucky enough to own a few bits, so this is a most lovely addition. I don't know about anyone else, but I never look that serene when I cook!
(Might come in handy if I ever rival the Wartime Farm team- I doubt it, but you never know!)
I'm planning on archiving my collection for real next year, so expect to see a bit of the packaging that I have collected of the years on this olde blog! Though I can't quite decide if I should set up another blog just for that sort of stuff or not? I can barely keep this one up, so perhaps I shouldn't... hmm, we shall see.
Oh I bet you can hardly wait... well I certainly can, because it's not going to be easy- must be done though ;)
Once again, Clare if you read this(?) THANK YOU so much!
Well TaTarrr Folks
Tickety xxx
P.S.Tomorrow is R.A.F Friday and I have a few things lined up especially for the Christmas edition (Just need to find them). 


  1. OMG you have a Fairy Vintage Godmother too!!! OMG! I have two actually-they are wonderful friends, great vintage sisters, and two of my biggest supporters! Such a blessing isn't it??!!! I love your package! I cannot wait to learn how to knit! I know when I go to the UK again I am going to want to shop til I drop bc I hear the shopping is AMAZING! hehehe Happy Christmas sweetie!! xox Bunny

  2. What a fabulous load of goodies, those knitting patterns look great. I am always on the lookout for them! Lovely early Christmas present!

  3. What an absolutely amazing array of vintage lovelies. Ohhhh, it's too hard to pick a favourite, I adore them all, and will be amongst those who are very eagerly awaiting future posts devoted to your vintage packaging collection.

    Merriest Christmas wishes, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Fabulous. That pink coat and hat you can just see in the sewing pattern, on the little girl. I had something very similar as a toddler! I think it still lurks in the loft of my family home.

  5. wow so many patterns but the pig is the cream of the crop! I cannot wait to see him knitted up :)

  6. Ha! I totally have that 1947 teenage dress pattern! Small world:)

    xox Sara

  7. I have just found your blog are the most authentic follower of 40's fashion i have ever come across and i've been doing 'vintage' since the early 70's ...Fabulous darling I can't wait to delve deeper as i to have a little bit of an addictions to all things sewing , knitting and anything else with an 'ing' on the end . Mrs Bee ( fb page Mrs Bee Vintage )

  8. Oh, Tupney, I am SO jealous! ;) Those ladies sewing patterns are to die for!!! Can't wait to see them all made up!

    The Middle Sister and Singer


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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